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      Ok, so I've had a few lucid dreams due to false awakenings. Bascially I'll have a false awakening, then reality check, then become lucid, and take over my dream from there. Last night however, I woke up in my dream, but I already knew that it was a dream, just because they way things looked and felt.

      I attempted to get out of bed several times so I could explore the dreamscape, but I was stuck. I also tried shouting "Increse lucidity now!" and "Let there be light" (since most of my dreams when I have false awakenings are dark). I even tried changing the landscape. Nothing worked however, and I was stuck there lying in bed trying to make something happen. When I tried to get up, I felt really heavy, and I basically couldnt even move.

      Every other time I've had a false awakening this didn't happen Was I just not asleep enough? It kinda sucked and made me dissapointed this morning.


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      Maybe thats was caused by you reading about the dream paralysis or something.

      I dont think this will happen again/often.

      Anyways, if you need to move in a LD but you are prevented from moving by paralysis/wind/obstacles/whatever pick a spot in the dreamscape and "teleport" there by shifting your awareness and perspective to that point. Pretty much see as if you were at that point instead of your current location. Your dream body rematerialize after you teleport. This allows you to make medium range shifts in a single dreamscape (100+ feet) or shift to a completely different dreamscape.


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