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      Since I was very young I've been able to change a dream, stop a dream without waking and start another. I've been able to continue a dream I never finished the next night if I wanted as soon as I knew I was asleep. I can change something in a dream but there are times where I'd litrally say I'm too tired so lets see what happens and let it play out. I've gotten up from a dream to get pen n paper lye back down to write a message/number a guy gave me 2 times but i didn't call like I said in my dream. A few weeks ago I drew a cool design. I like design clothes this time I slept with a note pad and made myself dream of designing and drew one of the designs. Now I want to write one of the songs I sing in my dreams. Is this dream control? People think I'm crazy when I tell them I can do this I always thought I was strange and didn't talk of it much still don't but it is good to know I'm not crazy. I think it is Dream control cause I go where I want and be who I want even invisible I change my dream or start it another night again if I want to. there are times though where I can't or am too tired to change it but on those times I would litrally say in my dream while asleep "I'm too tired to change you just play out" sometimes It is like looking at a movies where everyone there does what you want and if they don't you simply change it or make them. If I find a dream is making me sad I would say hey this is my dream and I'm in control and this wont happen I'll change it or turn it so the bad things works into becoming something good. If I can't change something really scary I just say God wont let that happen or pray there in my dream like when I was little and then it would change :-)
      That is how It begain 4 me when I was young with nightmares I'd pray and in my dream it changed to good.
      Any way you understand?

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      Wow, you have superb dream control! Are you lucid in these dreams (know that you're dreaming)? Control is difficult for some people but you sound like a natural!

      Welcome to the forum, btw Enjoy your stay.

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      yes, very much so. You are in pretty much the same position I am in concerning LDing.

      Just curious, is it possible for you to got to sleep anymore without LDing? Its something i seem to find hard now XD (the irony kills me)

      oh, and your help here would be appreciated =P

      welcome to the forums too btw.


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