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      within my mind

      A diference in thought

      Uppon my nightly wilds I've noticed something that is very interesting to me. There are two parts of my brain, I know this is stupid cause there are, but mentally in a lucid dream I have two states. There is one that is realistic, but not extreemly, and I can do any form of dream manipulation possible, And there is one that is extreemly realistic, yet I have only the amount of control I have in the real world. Well I can do some abnormal phisical things like not feeling pain and objects having no weight, but other than that I cant even put my finger through my hand to do an RC. I've come to understand that this
      "Super Reality" part of my brain is most likely my governing subconsious, or the thing that tells me that right now I'm in reality. So far I have had absolutly no succes doing any out of the ordinary dream control while in this state....It kind of pisses me off. Anyone have anything simalar to that happen to them? questions comments?
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      i limit my subconscious in LD, but do have to occassionally deal with outbursts. Limiting my subconscious i vacate all emotion in LD, and immiediately change venues from where i became lucid, i do this a couple of times, to previously consciously constructed areas. Once i'm satisfied my subconscious is buried in a lack of emotion and i'm not in an area created by it, i do work. I'm not a big fan of the subconscious in LD, i think it's messy, random, and trying to tell me things i don't have the college degree to interpret acccurately. So I say try LD without if you can.


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