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      My own dream incubation


      this morning I had about 3 LD. I was trying to incubate my own dream for the first time. I have made up a scenery in my mind - the characters, the environment, the time of day...This morning during the Wake-back to bed period I wrote a one page synopsis of my dream. I read it about two times before going to sleep. I was also thinking about it as I was falling asleep. I got the tip on the forum yesterday to use doors to create new dream scenery. So I found the door, closed it, and thought of my dream scenery. The first time I opened the door the scenery was the same. The second time I got it, but it was something that reminded me of my desired scene, but everything was sort of out of place. I imagined the land more or less flat and deep below the tower I was supposed to come out of, but instead there was a rising and I was just barely above the ground. I imagined a city from middle ages below, but instead there were some houses quite apart from each other with grass between them. It looked more like a village. I'm satisfied with considering it was my first attempt, but would like to know what went wrong. Was I not concentrating on a desired dream enough before opening the door? Also I would like to know, how exact must your desired dream description be. How many details do you have to imagine. Considering the fact that our imagination is so vivid in our dreams isn't laying out a basic description enough? What is your experience?



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      Hey Ales

      Remember that your dreams arent only about your conscious thoughts.
      So a lot of other stuff comes out of the woodwork when you're asleep.
      The dream will likely make some turns here or there.

      As for concentrating on the dream visuals... its important for your subconscious to get the message of the dream, in order for it to take effect. So the more vivid the visualisation, the better
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