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      Weird reoccuring dreams!!!!

      I had a dream last night where I moved into this gigantic house, but it really wasnt that nice. The people who lived there before were still there and had all of their stuff in one huge room ready to be moved out. I remember the bedrooms being really small, but one bedroom was extremely big. It was kind of an old house and I also remember that i was always afraid i would find spiders in the house even though i never saw on ein my dream. I remember the people who previously lived there were really mean people and kept calling us names as we arrived and telling us we werent good enough to live there. Also, I remember there being an elevator and my sister took the elevator but i jumped in the elevator shaft after the elevator had gone down. I survived perfectly though. I'm really confused about this dream and I would like to know maybe what this means. Can anyone help?

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      post this in the Dream interpretation forum, this is Dream control.

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