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      My lucid energy failures & nonlucid success

      Quote Originally Posted by Corpse View Post
      you know how in anime people usually say the name of their attack before or during they are actually doing it? Well try that next time.
      You know what I think that's the ticket, for starters at least, and I don't know why I didn't try it sooner. :bravo: It's probably easier than just creating the blasts by sheer force of will alone. Combine it with the declaration of yourself dreaming beforehand for best results.

      I had a false awakening non lucid dream a month or two back. I was just messing around in my room, and I thrust my hand out, while snapping my fist closed and popping my thumb down on top of it as I reached the end of the thrust, while simultaneously shouting "HAYABUSA!". I was amazed to find out this created a little puff of fire to jet out from my fist. Then I did something different with my hand and it produced mini meteors. I was having a lot of fun doing this, and accidentally caught my bookcase on fire and had to slap & blow it out after one. During another one the inside of my wrist started to glow orange, like it was on fire! I just focused my mind on ice and coldness on it and it returned to normal. And yes, of course I also tried it once I woke up. >_>

      As a matter of fact, 2 of my last 3 lucids involved me failing energy blasts and subsequently getting pwned and waking up. First time I was hanging out of an airplane and a gigantic spider on the ground transformed into a bear. The bear started leaping out of the grass up towards me, swinging its claws and biting at me. I figured *hah I'll just pwn it with some fireballs*. I thrust my hand out, palm opened towards the bear... nothing. I tried two more times... nothing. Then I said alright it's a dream I'll just jump down and KO the bear with my fists. So I jumped down, the bear and I charged towards eachother, I hauled back to punch it in the face, but the bear clobbered me with its huge paw in my face. I felt myself rolling and tumbling before finally opening my eyes in bed.

      The second I was being chased by a gigantic mummy type creature through the woods. I went lucid, turned around, put my hands together back to my side, charging up a blast(or so I thought). I thrust my hands forward, and nothing came out. I think I got to try it one more time to no avail before the mummy ran me over ending the dream.
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      False, I have been able to do a kamehameha in my dreams before....

      It was fairly simple to do just took being lucid, and a lot of concentration to accomplish

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      Yes, it is as long with many, many things that you can do in a lucid but, this is a very old thread. I don't think the OP member is active anymore either. I would love to talk to you about all the cool things you can do in a lucid but, I think there is a topic for that somewhere?
      -If it is older than a year and nobody posts in it in a while, then it is safe to say that you are welcome to make a new one.

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