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      Slow Motion

      Last night i had my first LDs in a few months and it was also the first time i remembered multiple dreams(had one during the night, then dad woke me up partially and then i did wbtb, and had one norm dream followed by 3 1 minute long lds) But in the lds 2 out of 3 it felt like i was on another planet where the gravity was much heavier(like having weights on your arms) but everyone else had earths gravity. This went a way as soon as i jumped in a boat. Also no matter what i did i could not regain vividness(spinning, rubbing hands, both at the same time). Opinions, anybody similar experiences, suggestions?

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      My mind has found interesting ways to try and inhibit my dream control, one time I closed my eyes to spin and transport somewhere (teleportation is my control weakness...). Then I couldn't open my eyes, they were like glued shut. I think the best thing to combat this is to master control of objects, example is that when my vision is blurly I get glasses out of no where and put them on and my vision is fixed. Also if its hard to walk in your dreams, try flying. Also feel free to try whatever you think can help, alot of dream control is finding what works for you.

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