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    Thread: Losing control

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      Losing control

      Has anyone ever found themselves unable to do things in dreams that they previously found very easy?

      I for one have been surprised by an inability to fly, jump high or pass through objects, despite the fact that I'd easily done so in the past.

      Are there any typical causes for spotty dream control? How does one combat these causes, are any psychological?

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      All of them are Psychological for one reason or another. Consider what is different from the times you were able to do those tasks before, and now. What has changed? If you can look at those things, you may find your answer. It could very well just be a dry-spell when it comes to control. Theres times I can fly with ease, and other times It takes alot of effort.

      On another note, I never use to be able to summon anyone in my dreams, but in my last Lucid, It was one of the easiest things I'd done.

      So anyway, take a step back and look at your current situation, how your feeling, and just try to see whats different now, than before.

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      Kreature has some great advice.

      Personally, I've found that if I'm very stressed out, or am really sleep deprived my control goes to hell, too. If my dream is about to end I also have a harder time with control.

      From what I've found, the best way to get your control back is to stop [I]trying[ to do something /I] and just do it. So, instead of thinking about how to do it, thinking about how you used to do it, or how it has been hard to do and then trying skip all of the thinking. Have in your mind that you are going to do it. Have no room for doubt. When I can let go of all of the trying, even things that have been a struggle suddenly become as simple as beathing.

      Good luck!
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