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      The most agrivating lucid of my life...

      I had complete awareness and new damn well it was a dream yet the dream was fighting me and keeping me from doing anything. I just have to share this.
      here it is.

      I start off a pennsic one of my big dream signs. I'm walking around with my dad talking about how much fun this is going to be. we were also talking about how last year went and how they were going to add new stuff. I told him that the stuff they had was fine and they didn't need any unnecessary thing.
      At one point I said,"I can't believe we got 2 whole weeks of this" I immediately knew it was a ream from that point on.
      I then said,"his is a lucid dream ya"
      I remembered all m goal and what to do except for how to do them, the way i wanted to do them was with spockman's idea of calling the enterprise.
      I start off be yelling,"All dream characters will go away" along with a helpful hand gesture.
      But nothing happened. I then tried to open a window to fly out but the window was locked! WTF. I then tried do bust the window open but it turned into plastic that wouldn't break. I turned to the DC version of my day and told him to unlock the windows. He said,"No" he refused to open the windo for me. I got angry and did a flying gogo plata on him and practically forced him to open the window. As soon as it was open I tried to get out but he grabbed my legs and tried pulling me back. I had to freaking fight a DC to get away. I some how managed to shove him part way through the window and followed him out. when he was n his back he pulled a freaken gun out of nowhere and fired it at me just missing. I had to fight for the gun and eventually got it away from him(the F'ing DC can summon but I can't WTF?) I finally got away and started walking to an opening and I though wow I've been blinking this whole time and haven't woken up yet. As F'ing soon as I was done saying that I woke up.

      the dream characters could summon objects from nowhere but I couldn't even open a window. Have any of you guys had simeler experiences and if so please tell me what you did to stop this. It's been getting worse since I started learning how to lucid dream.
      Please help.

      I think I figured it partly out. in every one of my lucids where someone was fighting me it's been a DC version of my dad, who in waking life was rather skeptical of certain aspect of lucid dreaming and I think that's flowed into my dreams in the form of a DC version of my dad who Fight me and keeps me from doing what I want.
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      Certain DC do that, in their pressence you can't use powers but they can, so annoying. And considering the story, I suppose thats the problem, anyway, just believing that DC can't do anything to you may work.
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