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      BaKeD Discussion

      Now that the forums are back up I can't think of a better topic to start off the ressurected forum, then the paranormal freaks/ideas/minds of a Baked man (or women...OB ) when engulfing the white clouds of magical marijiuna!

      So here's a trip out that just happens 3 minutes ago in this very seat which I laze in everytime I discuss my mind or look at porn. I somehow managed to have a busy schedule recently and haven't had time to blaze in a good 6 days, which seems about normal since I much prefer budz in quantity and quality over just one. So there I am, sitting on the couch surrounded by a couple stoneheads and I look as one of them packs a hardie bowl in the 4 foot bong and fills up the entire chamber with smoke... I'm offered the magical cloud and with little hesitation I accepted and absorbed the whole cloud followed by a cough and a major head stone. I zone out the start talking about fucked up shit till it just gets plain akward and I head home.

      I eat some crap, make some crap, and end up here on this very seat spacing out, trying to control ki (which I think I can thanks to my God of mind), and start going through the technique of the Hadoken/Kamehameha and I begin to feel a tenseness/compression of energy around my entire body, I rotate my hands around like a sphere getting smaller and smaller and start feeling a heat in the palms of my hands like the shiver bumps on your skin are all coliding in one area and trying to push out of my skin. As I gather the control of this denseness of wind I push it out towards my hat for fun... The hat didn't move but the paper underneathed it drifted back underneath the hat, and get this... The windows were closed.

      I checked to see if the fan was on but it wasn't. Then I appear hear typing some dumb crap to you lucids who are probably ammusing yourselves with this meaningless topic. Enjoy.

      Existance has no beggining nor end, but will always have purpose.

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      I find the events of every stoney occasion interesting, the mind is very meditative and trance like when stoned. so meditation associated things become super easy, all in all pot rules!!!


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      Woohoo! You're special too. Now join all the looneys in beyond dreaming, and discuss your magic psi abilities!!!


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