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      So recently I've found that the nail biting RC does work. That got me wondering that there's a lot of people with low confidence levels. I used to be one but I quickly learned. For those who are still scared and missed opportunities.

      My point is now when I attempt my WILD I will try and be at a club scenario like normal. I'm going to go in and talk to many random girls and it will be an experience.

      My questions are: Will the things you learn in you're dream affect you in real life, and will it build confidence so once I do it I will post it.

      I need help with people in my research if you wanna help post you're name up or comment plz!!!!...
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      Experiencing things in your dreams absolutely will make you more confident when dealing with a similar situation in real life. The reason we find this easier in dreams is because there is no chance of any kind of social retaliation. In the case of talking to someone of the opposite sex we face no chance of rejection, so dreams can be a great way to build confidence and skills in these areas and many others.

      An interesting, and I think pertinent essay to read is this one http://www.dreamgate.com/pomo/lucid_lee.htm

      It discusses some of the ideas that your hinting at, and would certainly be a good refernce for and research you are doing.
      Good Luck!
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      I need to start LDing so I can practice skating :/
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