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      Easier Dream Control

      After a few Lucid dreams, I think I found a neat way to control them. Instead of what I like to call the "Brute Force" method, where you just close your eyes and wish something into existence, or open a door and will a new area to be there, I sometimes find it more interesting to let my dreams work themselves out.

      One example from my latest lucid was that I was having trouble flying, which was only the case for my first two lucids. I decided I wanted a vehicle of some sort to fly on, instead of flying by myself. Instead of willing myself a flying motorcycle (My original solution ) I simply looked around my dreamscape for something I could fly on. Then, I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around, and standing beside me is a 2 metre (about 6.5 feet) tall dragon is standing beside me. It's made out of the same plush material as default Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet! I had to brute force a saddle onto it's back, but it was smooth flying from there!

      Try passive control, you never know what your mind will come up with!
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      Ah yes, passive control can be pretty cool sometimes, but it's hard to get what you want.

      It's all about believing and expecting.

      You can expect something to be there, but you must really believe that it will show up.

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      last lucid i had, basically I was flying and I finally remembered to call my spirit guide (I did so, it was my first time). All this energy rushes past me in the sky and then an ancient being with a scythe materialized. I couldn't take to him because I was already coming out of the dream, text did appear below him though saying he was here to guide me etc etc I don't remember.

      While I don't know if I believe in spirit guides or not... He materialized which I thought was pretty cool. so maybe you don't have to believe or maybe it's that I subconsciously believed?

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      lol looks like someone loves anime

      but yeah anyways

      havent had much luck with expecting. i've tried just using like psychokinesis to change the weather but both times i tried it (tried it twice), i was woken up but just before waking up I have seem to have gotten some results. like one dream for example, I brought my arms up in the air and gently lowered them down to make rain come down. and another, I just tried focusing on the sky, and it started turning a dark color.

      i have just been learning about this whole thing about asking people to do something for me (in dreams ofcourse) or just simply looking for the objects instead of forcing it there. i still got some learning to do.

      it really is amazing what your imagination can come up with and how detailed everything seems. this in a way motivates me.


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