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      Can't see a thing

      I've had lucid dream type experiences since I was a teenager and recently I found out that I can still have them. I was afraid I'd lost them sometime while growing up!

      The lucid dreams I have involve me never losing consciousness. I lay down and after a transitional place (dark with lots of vibration, sometimes music, shouting or screaming), I am able to keep myself awake and aware through the force of will, and I'll retain my lucidity right into a dream environment (though as of yet I cannot pick the environment).

      The main problem is my vision. Sometimes it is completely dark and although I can sense I am somewhere, and often hear noises or feel things (like bumping into a wall) I see nothing. If you close your eyes nearly all the way, that is what it is like. In fact I often try to widen my eyes in attempt to clear my vision, but this has no effect. I've tried wiping at my eyes, spinning in circles, staring at my hands, and I once had extremely limited success with angrily shouting for my vision to clear. You can probably sense my frustration at this point!

      Does anyone have any experience with this? This will also sound strange, but sometimes I think that my consciousness is jammed somewhere between waking and dreaming, and so that the darkness that is actually in front of my eyes merges with the colourful dream environment and ruins it. Another thing I'd like to add is that I have perfectly fine vision in my waking life.

      At this point all I can think to do is to sharpen my intent to have my eyes clear in one of these dreams, maybe light some candles and do some voodoo. I don't believe in any form of the supernatural, but I'm getting desperate!

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      You could try to calm down and clear your mind in the LD and concentrate. When your mind is clear and your calm then you can go through your senses and hope for your vision to come back.

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      As said above you could stay calm and hope for tour vision to come or you could imagine a light switch and press it so you can see from what I have heard this technique is very poplular.
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      Actually, I've had this experience, a little bit. I've had dreams where I could barely keep my eyes open, for whatever reason. For my lucid dreams, I've cleared up my vision perfectly by simply saying, "I want to see clearer". I imagine that in a lucid dream, you should be able to use your own willpower to do the same; if not, I'm afraid I don't know what else to suggest.
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