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      Dream Breathing and Stability

      Had an interesting lucid dream last night. Kind of an unintended WBTB since I woke up about 90 minutes before my alarm to get up for the day, and it took me like 20 minutes to get back to sleep.

      Anyway, I started becoming lucid inside my dream, followed almost immediately by the dream world starting to fade. After I came out of the dream, I did an RC, can't remember which one atm and realized it was a false awakening! At the same time I became lucid and began to play around. Typically, I do the finger through palm RC or I try stretching my finger, and if it stretches I know I'm dreaming. After I became lucid, I tried breathing in different ways, experiencing for the first time breathing through my nose while I was pinching it (really neat!). I also tried some other breathing exercises, and this is where my questions come in.

      I started blowing up a ballon, but I decided that having to fill my lungs for each breath would take too long, so I just started breathing out and out... and out! I got fairly excited with just breathing out without the need to breath in. I tried the opposite next, simply breathing in without breathing out, also pretty fun. Then I got worried that doing all the breathing stuff would change my body's breathing and wake me up. Is that even possible or does dream breathing have zero effect on my body? Is there some way I can use dream breathing to help stabilize my dream? I've used hand rubbing and dream spinning in the past, but they only seem to work while I'm doing them, which unfortunately precludes me from doing anything else during my dream.

      I woke up (for real this time) not too long after, but I did get to make impossible jumps around my house which can be pretty fun.

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      Quote Originally Posted by jacben13 View Post
      Is that even possible or does dream breathing have zero effect on my body? Is there some way I can use dream breathing to help stabilize my dream?
      I know eye movement in dreams are related to eye movement to the body, but I don't about breathing. My guess is it wouldn't effected since breathing can still occur without a person thinking about it.


      As for the dream breathing, you can use it to relax yourself. It's a good way to get the anxiety of "holy crap I'm lucid", feeling out of your system.

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      Yes I have experienced breathing problems as a result of lucid dreaming.

      It is a while since I experimented with lucid dreams.
      I went through a period when I experimented quite a lot with lucid dreams, and I found that my mind kept creating what I regarded as defence mechanisms, in order to make me decide to wake up.

      I came to the conclusion that this was because lucid deaming was unnatural - It's quite a long time ago, and I don't know whether I still think that.

      At the time, I told quite a few people that lucid dreams caused a variety of 'negative' experiences, but I never read about or encountered anyone who shared my negative experiences with lucid dreams.

      The final straw came when, as a result of lucid dreaming, I developed chronic asthma - I had already had asthma as a child, but it had more or less gone -
      but lucid dreaming brought it back -
      I was however able to cure my asthma after a few days.

      Before this happened, I often noticed that in lucid dreams, my breathing seemed laboured - but I never heard of anyone else experiencing anything unpleasant with lucid dreams

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      interesting question...
      I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each other's dreams, we can be together all the time. -

      Am I dreaming? Do a Reality Check. Is this is a dream?

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      I don't think it would,because your body breathes without you thinking about it.

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      Hi there!

      Stephen Laberge and others (Fenwick, Worsley) have done all kinds of research on the the correspondence between the sleeping body and dreaming body, all of it totally fascinating IMO. Take a look here for some good info (fig 3 shows a strong connection between dream and actual respiration).


      Also some great results in this paper:


      I will forever be amazed by the simple yet brilliant method these researchers discovered to communicate with those in a lucid dream, allowing them to answer questions like your OP. Rapid eye movement was the key.


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