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      Two lucids! somewhat full control in onee :)

      Okay I need help for this first one. I hope someone can answer this!
      In my first lucid dream, I'm in some kind of bathroom, and I realize I'm lucid. So I decide that I want to change scenery so I close my eyes and visualize a sceneryin my head and then I look and nothing had changed. Question : HOW DO YOU CHANGE SCENERY?

      In my second dream, Rupert Grint was my boyfriend. However I don't exactly remember when I became lucid. I just know that towards the end of my dream that we were going into the wrong school because my school was on the other side of the street, except it was all different, but I was like meh what the heck. And then I was able to make whoever was beside me do what I want! If I thought, hold my hand, he'd hold my hand. If i thought handshake that guy, he'd handshake the guy who just passed. IT WAS AWESOME!

      Anyways looking forward to more lucids. I believe they were DEILDs.
      Good luck with YOUR lucids!

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      Well, the first one was your first Lucid dream ever?

      If that's the case, you'll need to spend some time in future LD's just working on believing the environment around you is malable because it's a creation of your mind. Trust me, my first few LD's, it took me a few to be able to do things like summon people, fly, walk through walls, lauch fireballs out of my hands etc... Just because your mind isn't used to being ABLE to do those things and is constraint by perceived physics.

      Next time, try some simple exercises first, a couple reality checks, try hopping really far, or simply conjuring a window in your wall. By starting small, you won't disrupt the dream too badly by waking yourself up, and you can experiment with easier controls.

      As for your second dream, you may not have even been Lucid if you weren't completely aware that it was a dream. If you were, then I would say you became Lucid whenever you started controlling aspects of it.

      Good luck, and good times, and congrats if that was really your first couple!

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      really, i think the most important this is to expect it to work... think about non lucid dreams, you always know something is gonna happen before it does...

      in my first lucid dream since ive started tryiong to have some, i was flying over some coastal town and i told my self : i want to be falling in a pit of lava, and i started belieiving i would be falling in a pit of lava pretty soon... and a soon as i told myself : well, maybe this isnt working as i thought it would, the blue sky vanished and everything turning really dark and i was in that pit, falling pretty fast... when i reached the bottom, there was some sort of device that could make me get out of the pit, and i knew it would do this because i told myself this was the use of that device... but i lost my dream at this point and i woke up


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