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      Cant remember past lucidity

      The problem is that once i realize im dreaming in a lucid state, or "lucid dreaming" as i like to call it, thats all i can think of. I dont remember anything about me, my history, what i wanted to do if i became lucid--which hinders the unconsiouss knowlege and experiences i want to extrapulate from the dream if all im focusing on is the enviroment of the dream and running around touching things... i think im just too excited and just randomly do stuff as not to loose out on a lucid.. any tips as to how to calm down and focus on what i had resolved to do if i had a lucid?

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      I'll quote one of my previous posts.

      Quote Originally Posted by MythicDreams View Post
      It's a very fine line.
      Dreams are hard to understand, as they're a direct product of your mind, and as such, it's difficult to put them into language, or even understand, once you're out of them.

      I sometimes wonder why I didn't do all the things I wanted to do, where as in real life I would easily remember my goals. I sometimes think I could have been dreaming about having a lucid, because I wasn't really aware. Sorry if I am being confusing, I can't explain this properly.

      I think the logic part of your brain can be turned on in different amounts.
      Sometimes you don't remember your goals for your dreams, sometimes you lose lucidity, etc.
      So, that means your brain might be aware you're in a dream, but not as aware as you are when you're conscious. Which makes some things... hazy.
      If you were fully aware, you'd wake up, so you have to be slightly less-than-fully-aware, most of the time.
      But to be lucid, means that you're aware you are dreaming on some level.
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