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      Controlling a dream characters body?

      I don't know if anyone has attempted to do this yet. But I almost had full control over a dream characters body in a dream. I tried looking at the dream characters body from a long distance, And I some how managed to get into their body. Their body was like my body. In the dream. I could feel the dream characters body like it was my own. Then something wrong happened. When I managed to do this. The room started spinning. Then something scary showed up then I woke up with a headache. When I was the dream character. I feel to the floor when I had control over their body. Anyone know what could of went wrong? I could of had control a dream characters body 100% instead something woke me up. I would be appreciate it if someone could help out. And has anyone tried this before? Sorry if this thread sounds creepy. But is controlling another dream characters body possible?
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      YES IT'S POSSIBLE! People don't seem to get that you can do anything in a dream, well as long as it doesn't involve the real world of course. You've also only had 1 lucid, so you can't expect to be good at control.

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      I've jumped from character to character in dreams. In one dream, I was myself. I jumped into the character of the detective investigating a murder. When I finally solved the murder, I found out that it was ME!

      I did not see that one coming.

      I pick up a half-eaten copy of a book by Neil Gaiman, and decide this is all his fault.

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      Simply put, you got distracted and lost focus. That's the natural way dreams progress. You focus on one thing, it manifests related detail until something else captures your attention and becomes the dominant subject of your focus.

      Confidence is an emotion. Crank that emotion up to 11, and DCs will become your puppets.

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      Like The Cusp said, you probably got distracted.

      It's all about expectations and being 100% confident they'll do what you want.

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