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      Nightmare Awareness

      Hi, I'm new here but I really want to get something off my chest.

      When I have nightmares, occasionally I enter a state of lucid dreaming and I always chose to awaken myself! I was just wondering if this had an official name and if anyone else does this?


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      Hi, and welcome to DV!

      Yes, you apparently are a natural. That happened to me always. I remember to heard loud noises and traveling inside a dark tunel (the walls of the tunnel were made of smoke and fog) and then I would fall into the nightmare. Completely lucid so I could see what was awaiting!

      You should give it a try and enter the nightmare, then see what happens. It won't be as scary as you are lucid and you can control the nightmare.

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      i almost everytime become lucid while i have nightmare but i have never chose to awaken myself... why do you do that dont you have control over the dream?
      a friend of mine had nightmare and was lucid he told me that the nightmare was 100x worse than normal .. is that your case?
      Excuse my english

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