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      Question Dream Control Ideas?

      Hey guys

      I've been LDing for a long time now but when it comes to dream control I have no ideas as to what I can do in my dreams. Can anyone give me ideas for something I can do? I have a few ideas like flying and stuff but I've already done that. Just something I can try out for a little while.


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      Here, look at my goals!

      1). If I am in school, I want to get everyone in the class with me to throw the teachers out, and tell one kid to tell all of the classes in school to do the same! Then, we'd all fly out of the school. We then would do something else if there's time...I'll play it by ear.

      2). This one is a play off of the last one, but not in school. I want to call everyone in the neighborhood together (or everyone around), and I want a good singer DC to sing, and we'd have a party in the sky!!

      3). SHRINK! I want to shrink and see things small!

      4). ToTM (the task of the month, each month there's a new task. It's a subforum of lucid experiences).

      So, you can try to modify my ideas for the first two, if you'd like. Think out of the box, think of a scenario, not just necessarily doing one particular thing, make up an adventure.
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      Fly, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, ghost powers, Avatar elements, laser eyes, exploding people's heads, and basically every Pokémon attack all should make interesting control experiences. Have fun!
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