ok, so i don't really practise getting lucid but i occasionally (a few times a month) get really lucid, every time it gets more and more so. usually i just end up having lucid sex or trying to fly as high as possible cus when i started reading up on this stuff i got really interested in out of body experiences and stuff. but i also read about stuff like being able to talk to and find spirit guides. so this was my goal last time i got lucid like 2 days ago. it was the most lucid ive ever been and at first like it was really hard distinguishing between real life and the dream but i did know it was a dream, it was weird. so anyway this time i thought well ill try to find my spirit guide...so i was walking down this alleyway and i said to myself, the next person i see will be my spirit guide. long story short i saw a woman, tried to talk to her but she was just walking away from me and it got really weird and like her face kept changing from young to old :/ i knew her name, or she told me it but i cant remember...don't know if she was actually anything important ubut my point is, is there anyway you can get dream characters to respond properly??? ive had this before when i was in a lucid dream and i wanted to change the scenery, i asked a character and they just wouldnt answer properly so in the end i just figured it out for myself and created a warp :/ its just annoying cus if there is spirit guides and whatnot id love to actually talk to them properly without them ignoring me....sorry for the long post