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      Need tips on how I can become lucid from a frequent happening

      I've noticed that about 75% of the nights I set my alarm clock for work in the morning I wake up 15-45 minutes before the alarm. I wake up from me really not wanting to be late for work. My 'internal clock' wakes me up usually mid dream. Hope this makes sense.

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      I know how that goes. It comes from having a steady sleep schedule (I'm assuming), which all in all is a good thing. I often wake up a few minutes or even one minute before the alarm and it does get annoying, especially when you can't fall asleep because you're waiting for the alarm to go off.

      You can try either changing the time on the alarm, or at the very least just try to relax. Know that your alarm is going to go off when you want it to and double-check it before going to sleep to re-assure yourself that it's set. It's likely just a phase you're going through and it's probably just caused by a degree of stress. Remind yourself that you'll wake up with your alarm and won't be late. If you feel the need to set a second alarm just to be positive, do so, but try to lessen the worry-factor as much as you can.

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