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    Thread: Aliens in NYC

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      Aliens in NYC

      I am just walking around New York, sightseeing. I have walked around the city on the sidewalk for quite some time, seen all the skyscrapers. Eventually I find my way to a run-down Brooklyn neighborhood. As I explore, I wander into a dead end side alley. It is between two buildings. (the most vivid part)The buildings are literally brown boxes with windows. Some of the windows are boarded up, others have balconies and clothes are hanging from the balconies. There is also a sting from the top of one building to the other and it has clothes hanging from it. At the side of one building in the alley there is a huge dumpster and next to it a rusty old truck that looks like it's seen better days. Anyway, I notice a door at the end of the alley. It opens, and this alien person comes out of the building. He is wearing a black business man suit. He has blue skin, yellow eyes with vertical slit pupils,big white mustache, a scar under his eye, and strange bony projuctions from his lower jaw. He comes to me and gives me a metal sphere the size of a basketball. It is engraved in strange characters and geometric designs that glow light. He gives it to me and tells me to "read it". That's when I woke up. I'm a good drawer and after I woke up I drew his appearance on a paper. Click to see it.

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      I get a lot of abstract symbols in my dreams also. That's a good idea to draw them out since it's just interesting. Usually I get the symbols from some type of "lightbeings" or beings that have personalities but don't have bodies
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