Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I'm still new here :U
On the 4th of March 2015 I had this dream where I was suffering from some kind of heart disease called Heart Retardation; I have no idea if this is a real disease or how this word ever appeared in my mind.
I was really sick and I had to take medication, I knew I was going to die and I was lying on my couch when I took my pills and just fell asleep, that was how I died.
Now this wasn't one of those dreams where I would die and wake up. (Example: A dream where I was floating while meditating on a unicycle and got eaten by a shark from 6 years ago)
I died and random clips from my life, or at least the live I lived according to that dream appeared and then I was in some kind of purgatory (Not sure if this is the right term; I was in a place where people would go when they died)
My little brother was also in this place; This kind of made sense because he had football training that day* and he arrived a bit later than usual and my mom wondered why he wasn't home yet. I was actually worried that he died in a car accident even though he didn't, I don't even know how that came up in my mind.
I can't really remember what it looked like, it kinda looked like a City Park and had the format of a open world video game world.
I was still able to see what happened in the real world but I wasn't able to communicate with the world because I wasn't alive anymore, I checked various sites to see what happened and according to my IMDb I died of Heart Retardation and my Facebook account was deleted because I wasn't alive anymore. I also checked this forum that I was always active on and this person I was talking to was asked me a question and I wasn't able to respond to his question.
Me and my brother reincarnated as SpongeBob and Patrick and we worked in a fastfood burger restaurant owned by my teacher.
I think the reason that my teacher had a burger restaurant in my dream was because he kinda has the figure and looks of someone who owns a fastfood place, this sound mean and rude but it's true.
I can't remember most this part but me and Patrick stole something from this fastfood place and ran away and came back in the dead world.
We didn't kill ourselves or anything, at this point I just realized that me and my brother didn't reincarnate as SpongeBob and Patrick but were still in the dead world, the reason that we were SpongeBob and Patrick was because my appearance and point of view change at some point in most of my dreams.
We learnt that we could go back to the real world if someone remembered about us. (Not actually remembering someone, I forgot the actual term, but it's the same thing as that El Tigre episode where Manny and Frieda were in the land of the dead)
It still didn't mean we would be alive but it meant that we had access to the real world.
So this happened to me and that's when I woke up. It's funny how I woke up at the point that I left dead world.

This was one of the strangest dreams I have ever had, at the time I woke up with my heart beating wild because it was scary to have such a vivid dream where I died. I woke up at 4am and I couldn't fall asleep so I got my 3DS and tried to look up some information about my dream.
Multiple sites and people said that dreams where you die meant that you still have to do something which you didn't start with.
The only thing that I could think of is a college assignment which I still didn't start with and a website assignment which doesn't really have a deadline but I still need to start.
I also was kinda sick when I was at college that day* so I went to the administration and reported that I was sick and they put me on absent so I could go home, though my stomach actually did hurt a bit it still felt like I was skipping classes.
I came home around 1pm and went to bed, I fell asleep and woke up around 5/6pm, so I was awake for the rest of the day and most of the night.
I think I kinda forced myself to go to sleep that night.
*by "that day" I actually mean the day before.

I have had dreams where i died but woke up at that part and dreams where I was choking but this is probably the most first dream where I actually experienced death.
The dream doesn't feel that scary anymore but at the time I was just shaking and very happy that I was alive and realized that I should be nicer to my mom and little brother, not that I'm always rude to them. I love them but that dream made me feel like I never got the chance to prove it to them.
I also discovered a thread from this forum from 2003 when I looked for information about my dream and that's how I came here and I really like this place so far so I might come back here =)