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Sweet Mango and the Topless Dorm Room. Edit DJ Entry
by sivason , 2016-09-23 at 11:29 (54 Views)
I was in a lucid state but was having a hell of a time getting out of n-REM. I could feel my eyelids in the back of my mind and knew I could wake any moment. I was only able to pull up a shadow world in which I was walking down a railroad track near where I grew up. Soon I saw a large black triangle with an orange center. I decided to walk directly into this archaic thing. As I passes into the only color in the dream some shift happened and I entered a normal lucid dream. I was in the same area but now it was vivid, stable and had color. I walked across the road and into a store. No one was there so I just picked up a large mango and walked out. I ate the mango and it was surprisingly good. It did not taste exactly like a mango, but it was juicy and distinctly sweet. I looked down a long road that I know has a hill going down to the river at the end. There was lots of traffic. I decided to try and keep all the scenery stable and out race the cars. I took off running but keeping a distant building in my vision. I was going about as fast as you could on a bike. The cars were still passing me. I tried to convince myself I could go as fast as I could wish, but it did not work right away, so I switched tactics. I made a guard rail appear all along the road. I jumped up on the guard rail and slid down it. The race was on. I slid down the road on the rail much faster than the cars. As I approached the top of the hill a train was coming up the hill. There were no tracks, but it was a fairly vivid train. Now I was going down the hill towards the river and sliding extra fast. As I reached the river, the road and rail stopped, so I launched off the rail and went propelled across the river. It did not look like my momentum would take me all the way so I decided the sides were frozen. They were and I landed on the ice, but some of it cracked near the edge getting my foot wet and cold.
I now decided to travel down the river tho the college. I wanted to explore more with advanced summoning and came up with the idea of having a group of sexy DCs take their shirts of in a non-sexual setting, just to see if I could do it. Soon I was at the collage and found a dormitory. I looked around the open public area and down a side hall I spotted movement. I decided that it was a girls dorm with the outer door left open. As I entered a scene formed and it was exactly that, a dorm room kitchen with about 10 attractive women laughing and drinking. I looked at one and caused her to take off her bikini top. A couple near her looked shocked and stared at her. I thought at them, "this is a fun spontaneous thing you can do to be cool." They both took off there tops, so there were three of them standing around with no shirts. An Asian DC was staring as if appalled. I said to her, "you should join them," but instead she looked directly at me and everyone realized a guy was in the room. The first three covered up. Well, pretty good control, but it got derailed in the end.