My experience with lucids is one where I feature as the sole antagonist(always destroying something) thus I engage in sloppy combat with various entities e.g. WORLD ENEMY.

In one instance I faced off against a titan, but not your conventional greek representation. This creature or being was ginormous and was made up of swirling tornados and rain and thunder and lighting. To which I later would find out a tropical storm passed by while i was sleeping. So at first the dream started out with me all the way in humble Florida but to our surprise this thing is towering in the distance, BOOM! i realize im dreaming and low and behold as soon as I made the connection this thing immediately homes in on my existence and pulls me from Florida to it somwhere in colorado(my birth place). So again this thing begins too beat me to crap by throwing and pulling me from where it was to florida and back again. After afew tosses im fed up but my understanding of how to interact with my LDs is convoluted. I proceed to breathe fire to burn it......well bad idea #1 this thing just pulls in the flames and shoots it back at me via its tornado arm. Now im pissed so to even the odds i alter my size to match it, and we begin tossing and throwing each other to absolutely no avail for either side. So distraught i shout to this being that this is pointless and we should stay on our prospective sides.

Note: i noticed i really didnt start this one punk totally came at me first.