Historical looking young girl demon / blue energy minion of hers.

When I was a very young boy, 3 or 4 up through about 7 or 8 years of age, these consistently recurring dream characters
would MC my least to worst nightmares. I am 36 now and I can still remember them both so clearly.
One was a young girl around 9 - 11 years of age dressed like a 1800's young lady, but plain. She had very long,
very straight dirty blonde hair, electric blue to green eyes, pale flawless skin, and always neat in appearance.
Her voice was pleasant until she went all sadistic then it was more glassy and dangerous. She enjoyed invoking fear and
terror. She was a very vain, prideful, and bossy little girl. She loved to tell me how much older she was than me.
At that age that sort of thing bothered me. She manifested her absolute control over my dreams in so many
different ways on so many occasions. As terrifying as she was, she could spin some crazy constructed realities, if
only to raise me up to a high place only to have me fall farther into the terror when she chose to do so.
She purported herself to be extremely intelligent, and capable of anything. She would often make it a point
to remind me of the futility of not listening to her commands and suggestions. The older I got, I could enter
a dream and sense her twisted murky mind at work and begin to anticipate the surprise horror factor that would soon
manifest, before she and her underling would pop out and claim credit for the show and dreamscape.
The other thing I can remember very well is her wicked wicked sharp grin, especially when she was pleased with
herself about what was about to happen. Oh, and she always had a pink or red colored ribbon in her hair. Weird
detail but this was something I grew up with and had no relational material in my young life to lay such variables
into existence. She knew me well, and I knew her on a first name basis. She hailed herself
as Persyn or Persin or Person, I am not sure of the spelling. Her blue companion was always worshiping and groveling
in regards to her greatness and her name.

Her sidekick, minion, thug, companion, whatever that thing was, had brutality in spades. He was a blue mass of
reform-able energy, but not opaque or transparent at all. Sometimes manifesting a fur to feather like surface and
other times an ugly type of blue "paint-like" liquid. Having defined monster-like features of face parts, at other times no
face at all, just sense of menace emanating. He referred to himself as U (oooh) like "yOU" without the "y". Crazy wierd names huh?
Persyn referred to him by this name as well. She clearly had command of U, and he had zero defiance towards her,
and was always subservient. U delighted to carry out the more "oaf brute" natured scares and intimidation.
Even to my young self, he did not strike me as particularly intelligent or self-sufficient. He would rattle on
echoing Persyn's words or laughing with her at my various demises. He always had a gruff
growling voice when he did conjure a voice. He had no human-like traits that I can remember. No heart or capacity
for mercy, or any kindness to speak of. Compared to Persyn, however, merely just a basic evil monster thing.

Persyn would collect something from me after building up a good shock terror scenario or pushing me into the worst
soul drowning dark fear episodes possible. This fear is beyond anything I have ever felt from any other source by
any stretch, to this day. At the height or depth of my fear, depending on the set up, she would *what looked like* throw or
cast something into my face that would paralyze and silence me. Much like being fed on, in some weird way. Not sure
about that, I can only theorize. If I was running away she would hit me with "whatever that was", and I would be stuck
mid-air watching the procession of her and U coming right at me, at normal speed. Horrible things they were.

I could go into more detail of various dreamscapes that Persyn would set me into, but I think I have written
enough here about them. I just wanted to see if anyone knows the origins of these specific demon individuals.
Despite the terror they caused me through much of my childhood, they became as familiar to me as my childhood
home. While not the kind of friends you follow on facebook, I knew them and they knew me. If I could speak
to Persyn again I would have so many questions about why she did those things. What is she? What kind of thing
specializes in dreams and terror collection in children? I guess I could have had worse demons haunting me
as a child. Like some kind of pedo-demon or terrible music dream producer. I do have her to thank
for my very high scare and fear tolerance though. Objectively, from this vantage, her tactics were very
creative, complex, and even entertaining. Though I did not think so at the time. I was absolutely dreaded
falling asleep, every night, without fail. Some of the worst dreams started when I was tricked into thinking
I did not fall asleep yet, and things would just start happening. Like I said, she was creative.

If anyone has any knowledge to share, shoot me a message or reply. I'll check back as often as I can.

--MT Wolf--

(I apologize for my fractured writing style. These memories are almost as old as I am. I am attempting to piece them together with what I remember
for sure and keep out what I suspect is memory "back fill")

Possible theory of origin:

In Native American folklore an Acheri is the ghost or spirit of a little girl who comes down from mountains and hilltops at night to bring sickness to humans, particularly children. They are often depicted with dark or unnatural eyes and can also be referred to as "hill fairies". The only defense against an Acheri was thought to be a red ribbon tied around one's neck. The Acheri is said to bring death to the elderly or other people with low immune system defenses.
Tom McGowen (1981). Encyclopedia of Legendary Creatures. Rand McNally. p. 8. ISBN 0528824023.