Lucid Tasks

Date: 20/12/2007

Reason: This is the first time I have ever completed a task of the month, and I did both in one night! plus the whole dream was just sweet


Lucid Tasks

Kevin has gone to his friends because he has left something there when he was drunk. We are sitting in the front room which looks just like my house. We have been there for ages and so I decide to draw a little bit but I cant find my pen, which is one of those stupid little blue ones. I look for my pen and find it but when I put it to the paper it disappears again! WTF

After what seems like a long time Kevin has eventually got what he wanted and we are about to leave until I realise the my T Shirt has gone! Im topless and I dont know how! Im looking round for the T Shirt I was wearing, all my other shirts are there just not the one I was wearing before. Im seriously confused and decide to do a RC. I plug my nose and can still breath

YES!!! I shout im lucid again! but I remember to stay calm first things first Basic Task I turn to my mum who is sitting on the floor "mum whats my dream name" I ask "Bam!....err...and!...ah, hand!, yes your name is hand!" she says. I bit disappointed I turn to kevin and ask the same. He smiles and says "hard man" I laugh and think it could be worse.

Im surrounded by a few DCs so I decide to see if I can see any energy from them, To my left is a girl of about 17 or 18 I point my finger at her and say "I want to see your energy" she just looks at me then starts to undress then puts my finger insde of her. I am tempted for a second but I tell her "No! no sex I have other things I want to do". Turning to my mum then kevin and eventually Shaun I try to see their energy but all that happens is that they look at me like im insane.

I want to get outside to fly a bit and so I head out into the kitchen and see a window looking out onto a field. I float up onto the counter top and dive head first through the window expecting it to shatter but it doesn't it just feels slightly jagged as I pass through.

Outside now its sunny and warm and im in the center of a square. To the left side of the square is a large church with grey blocks and a orange roof, and surrounding the other 3 sides of the square are houses of varying heights. Im hovering just above the top of the trees and I realise im in the center of a park.

I want to attempt the advanced task I hold my hands out to each side of me pointing slightly towards the sky and I begin to turn slowly through 360 degrees. Suddenly the theme song from waking life, but a really deep and powerful version begins to play and empowers me so I feel I could do anything. As I turn the clouds get darker and more threatening and once im happy with them I stop turning. Its still warm so I shout "make it cold!" and a strong wind kicks up and its freezing.

The trees are still bright green so I make them wilt, they turn brown at their tips then the crumple and disappear so the trees are left bear and I notice it has started to snow, not heavily just lightly but enough to begin covering the tree branches. Im completely thrilled and happy that I have done enough so I go looking for more DCs to see if I can find energy.

Fly over the roofs of one of the houses I land in a long curving street in front of country houses with thatched roofs. Everything is still covered in snow and the DCs are wearing strange Victorian style clothing. They are all in groups consisting of 2 people huddled close together, I first shout "let me see your energy" but it does not work so I do it again pointing with my little finger and after that fails I point with my index finger but that fails as well.

I want to try to teleport (having read Castaneda's book) I focus my dreaming attention on a house in the distance but nothing happens. I close my eyes and when I open them things have changed (im not sure if it is a new scene or weather the visual aspect of the current scene have changed) I see some more DC's near a stall and try the energy seeing thing once again but still nothing happens.

A Small DC wearing a long blue coat and a straw hat with no face has taken offense at my attempts and begins running menacingly towards me. I fire 2 energy blasts at him but he jumps out the way and continues to advance. I try to turn into a super saiyajin but when I tense up everything fades to blackness.

I rub my hands together and the scene reappears, the DC is still running towards me but I dont want to fight so I fly away and land on a nearby rooftop. Its night time now and on the roof I look over a massive lake were the water looks black. Near me there is a castle and across the lake there is a huge city scape which I want to get to because I love to fly amongst the buildings.

Its a long way to fly so I try something I have been thinking about recently. I try to bend space so to speak and as I concentrate the lights of the city stretch towards me and shoot past, as I try to bring things back to normal (so that the city scape is now surrounding me) but everything fades to black again and whilst rubing my hands together I try to remember what has happened so far but its difficult and so I wake myself up to record what I have done.