The X-Men Training

It all started with me reading up on some anime. I saw in a small part of the book it revealed a secret technique that would let you summon a ball of pure energy. I was extremely excited as I went to get the materials. It required a certain metal object that sort of looked like a small hook.

Here was the technique:
• Put the hook in your left hand if you’re right handed and vice versa.
• Now get in a horse stance and pretend that you will push all of your energy into the hook by moving your right hand towards the hook.
• You will then notice that it will actually start to become hard to move your hand towards the hook and this is where you must struggle to push on.
• If you keep going forward, the hook will start to become superheated, but don’t worry! This will not burn you.
• After the entire hook is red from heat, recoil your right hand and point the hook in the direction you want to shoot the ball.
(This is as said in the book)

I did exactly as the directions said and finally, the hook started to super heat! I was astonished by this impossible feat. I then shot the ball into an alley and watched it soar through the air. I was then interrupted by a group of people that were trying to attack me. I tried to use the energy ball, but it was to slow, so I just ran. I then said, “Make a cloud of smoke there.” As I pointed behind me, a cloud formed to give me cover, but it wasn’t enough. I kept doing that until I just said, “This time when I make the cloud make me appear with it.” So I pointed about one hundred feet in front of me and it did exactly as I said. I then saw an airplane taking off and I quickly said, “Appear…THERE!” And sure enough, I was in the plane. I startled many people as I appeared out of thin air right in front of them. A man then said, “Come, sit with me. We must talk some things over.” I walked over, not afraid as I took the seat next to him. He then said, “I noticed that you also have powers. We could use someone like you.” Then everything went blank. {SCENE CHANGE} It was nighttime and I was in a single file line facing the man I saw on the airplane. He then said, “Alright, you will all have to fight today. And if you die, you die with honor.” Or something along those lines. My master, specter, showed me his powers and how to do them myself. He lifted his hands up and down, like in tai chi, and then the water in a puddle below him began to lift off the ground. “The enemy is here!” someone yelled and everyone ran into battle. Specter was leading the charge as I was to his right. The last image I can remember was that I punched some guy REALLY hard and killed him.