"Desert Stormed"

This one was pretty intense. (and Long) I love dreams like this because, while I could never really imagine how I would really react, in these types of situations, my dream-self seems to react purely on instinct, and with the kind of bravery that amazes even me. It probably happens because I’m constantly trying to imagine what I’d do in a dramatic situation. My mind automatically begins calculating the best way to get out of something, or defend against something, but it’s the kind of thing that I’ve never really had to experience, except in dreams. So, while I’m dreaming, I think my contemplation of what I should do, turns into automatic action, and I experience doing it. I dunno; anyway…

I had some B6 before bed, and this dream was extremely vivid. It started back at my ex-girlfriend’s dad’s house, when we used to stay there, back when I was younger. We were still going out, in the dream, and I was using her shower. I came out, not wearing anything and went over to the bed and sat down. We started talking about something – can’t remember what it was, and for a minute there it seemed like we were about to have sex, but then I heard her dad talking to someone in the living room. The room door was open, and I could see that she was talking to a friend of mine, back then, who is now her husband. It seems that time had lapsed and, now, I was in the period where they were actually together, and he lived there with her, instead of me. Before he saw me, I covered the bottom half of my body beneath the covers. When he came into the room, my ex told him that I was just in the neighborhood and needed a place to take a nap, so she let me crash there. He started sparking conversation like nothing was wrong, so I just went with it. Sometime during his talking, I realized that I now had pants on, under the blankets. They were unbuttoned…but at least I wasn’t naked.

The dream skipped ahead and, for some reason, I was still hanging out with then, along with their (now) daughter, who was a few years older, in the dream, than she is in real life. We went to some place in the desert, on some sort of compound, where a lot of other people were just sitting around, chillin, waiting for some sort of show or something to start. While we were waiting, my ex’s husband asked me if I wanted to smoke, so I said “sure,” and offered to roll the blunt. The paper was all stale and kept cracking, and I was never able to actually roll it.

Suddenly, a huge group of dirt bikes and ATV’s pulled up into this compound, ridden by a group of psychotic S.O.B.’s that looked like they just came out of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome or something. They stormed into the area with guns, rounding everyone up. I can’t even remember what they were going to do with all of us, but they pretty much made it clear that we were all going to die. They herded us all into one area, and were standing around plotting something. While they were talking, I spotted that one of their ATV’s was unmanned. Without even thinking twice, I ran over to it, jumped on, and tried to take off. While I was backing out, it started moving really slow, like I was riding a kid’s PowerWheels four-wheeler. It just didn’t do anything. So…while they gave me a “WTF are you doing?” look, I just inched off of the ATV, like I wasn’t doing anything. Lol.

They drew their attention away from me. I saw that the guy nearest to me wasn’t paying much attention. In one swift move, I grabbed his arm, stripping the gun from him, and cracked him in the jaw with my other arm, knocking him off the bike. I knew that my only chance was to get off of this compound and try to alert whatever authorities I could get to. They’d already made it clear that they were going to kill everyone here, so I didn’t think twice about trying to leave, knowing that my main objective would be to be able to tell the cops about these men and what was going on. I kicked-started the bike and spun it around, taking off in the opposite direction from the ground, and heading toward the compound gates. A bunch of guys began tailing me, on their bikes, one of them shooting after me with a handgun. I was grazed once, in the arm, which didn’t really hurt. He was closing in behind me, and I knew I couldn’t dodge his bullets forever, so I slammed on the brakes, causing him to lose control to avoid crashing into me. He fell off of his bike and I threw mine down, running over and picking up his handgun. I then jumped back on my bike, and had to kick it a few times before it started, as more of these guys were closing in.

The bike started again, and I took off. (Looking back, I was amazed at how realistic it felt, riding this dirt bike; trouble kick-starting it, frantically pushing up through the gears, etc.). There was another guy on a dirt bike coming straight for me, and he had a shotgun. He aimed it toward me, and I knew I wouldn’t get a shot off in time. Without even thinking, I pulled up the front tire, catwalking the bike and blocking the buckshot with the bottom of it. When I landed, I shot at the guy and knocked him off of his bike, stopping just long enough to pick up his shotgun, without stalling my bike. I kept on going, weaving away from more gunfire as I passed through the front gate, ready to make my escape.

Finally, I realized how insane this all was. I realized I was dreaming. I was instantly overcome with the most mischievous thirst for revenge, a sinister grin creeping over my face. Without even slowing the bike down, I just hopped off of the pegs and threw the bike forward, landing on my feet and letting the bike careen out in front of me. I turned around and, as the men drove up on their bikes, I just submitted. They started walking me back toward the “camp”, and I just grinned the entire way. I started mumbling things like “ooooh…you guys just don’t know…you just don’t understand the realization I’ve just had…the things that are going to happen to you.” The only thing I had on my mind was revenge, and getting back to the middle of as many of this little militia, before I could exact it. The guy heard me mumbling and said “what are you praying for, man? Ain’t nobody gonna save you.” I said, “no no..I’m not praying. If I was praying, I’d be asking God for help or something like that. I’m talking about what I’m going to do to you.” He said something like “Oh please…what can you do?” and he held his gun up toward me. I just laughed and held up two fingers, flicking them one way, telekinetically stripping the gun out of his hand, and making it fly off to one side, completely shocking the hell out of him. One of his men ran around in front of me, aiming his shotgun up at me. I held up one hand just as he fired, feeling the slug (or buckshot. Dunno) slam into my hand. Then, again, I pointed two fingers at the gun and flicked them off to the side, striping it out of his hand and slinging it off to one side.

Everybody started freaking out. Just to show off a little more, I looked at the front gate and took a flying leap, grabbing the top of it and pulling myself over and landing on the other side. None of them knew what to do. They just stared at me and started stammering about this “power” that I had. Finally, I said something like “Yup…and you guys haven’t seen the best part yet…” I began levitating and, holding off on waiting to get back to the main group, I was about to completely open up a can of lucid-power whoopass on these guys. But…as I was levitating and getting ready to own them all, I woke up.

I spent a few minutes trying to fall back into the dream again, but it was a lost cause