"With Patience"
I was chillin with Todd, walking the streets of Lake Mary at night. When we got around this apartment complex that was close to my old house, an S.U.V. pulled up beside us. Inside the SUV were three guys and two girls. After a moment, I could see that one of the girls was PatienceMarie. I said “Pati?? What the hell are You doing here?!” and she said “Were’ here to gouge out your eyes,” and smiled, sarcastically. For a second, I was just kinda like , but I realized she was just joking and said “Oh…ok, cool,” and started laughing. She asked if we wanted to come and hang out, at her friend’s apartment. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay long, because I had something important to do (don’t remember what it was, though). When we agreed, Todd quickly jumped into the seat beside her. I didn’t say anything, even though I’d kind of wanted to sit beside her, but it didn’t bother me much, so I went around to the back and sat with the other girl.

While we were at the apartment, watching movies, Todd was basically all over Patience - so much so that I didn’t even really get a chance to talk to her, but she was obviously eating it up. I was sitting with the other girl but I would rather have spent my time talking to Pati, since this was the first time I’d gotten to meet her, but I didn’t want to seem like a dick and ruin whatever fun they were having. Time passed and the two of them ended up going upstairs. The girl that I was sitting with started suggesting that she wanted to fool around. I was only partially interested, at first, until she stripped down. Heh. So we started to mess around a bit, and I’d lost track of the time. When I realized what time it was, I said that we had to go. I called out to Todd and Pati, and they both came out; Todd putting on his pants and Patience adjusting her clothes. They were both really upset that they didn’t get very far, and basically bitched at me about it, the whole way back, but I knew I had to get back and they would have probably been in there forever.

When we got back to the apartment where they’d picked us up, Patience was still pissed. She threw a bit of a tantrum and we got into a huge fight. She kept trying to walk away mad, and I was trying to reason with her, but then these three wannabe-thugs that she was riding with stepped in between us, drawing guns on me as if I was some kind of threat to her. Pati walked off, and I don’t know where Todd disappeared to, so it was now just me and these three guys, that were still holding me at gunpoint. They started cracking jokes about me (as “tough-guys” with guns do), and I began to get nervous as to where this was going to lead. Suddenly, that nervousness made me recognize that this had to be a dream, and I became lucid. Just to be sure, without saying a word, I simply levitate off of the ground, about three feet. All three guys looked at me in shock as I grinned back at them. I rushed them, quickly grabbing them by the arm, one by one, and slinging them through the wall of the nearest apartment. Before following, I stopped and looked at my hands, stabilizing the dream and trying to eliminate any chance of my waking up before I got to have some fun. I then flew in through the wall, chasing these guys down and throwing them through wall after wall, watching them try to run and scream in terror as I stalked them through the buildings and slung them around like ragdolls. Needless to say, I was having a ball.

The dream transitioned and I was still lucid. I found myself standing on a platform, with a bunch of people standing around me. A little Asian man that I recognized as Pat Morita; “Mister Miyagi” or Victor Wong; “Egg Shen from Big Trouble in Little China” told me that I this was a tournament of some sort. I was about to fight a major badass, but I was still lucid, and I was amped and ready to go. I looked at my hands, one more time, to ground myself in the dream, and everything came even more into focus.

This guy came out and, as far as looks go, he was pretty intimidating. He was wearing baggy white pants, no shirt with a slim but insanely muscular torso, and long black hair that strong down over his eyes, and hung down to nearly his waist. The fight started and it was amazing. (I remember reading horsebucket’s thread about Superhuman DC’s, yesterday and, besides the old blind Asian guy that beat me a year ago, this guy was the hardest DC I think I’d ever fought, while lucid). We were just going fucking nuts on each other, doing all kinds of flips around the platform, one-handed handsprings over each others’ attacks, trading punches and kicks, dodging at superhuman speed. It was crazy. At one point, I stopped on the opposite side of the platform and looked at my hands again. I didn’t want to lose the dream. My hands were still balled into fists, and I could see the blood (dunno if it was mine or his), pooling up in the crevices of my skin. The visuals became more solid, and the fight went on. There was one of those training dummy things that people practice Wing Chun on, that look like thisand the fight ended when I punched the guy in the chest so hard that he flew backward, into one of the pegs, and it impaled him from behind, pushing his intestines out of his stomach. Yeah, it was pretty freakin disgusting.

I had won, and a few moments passed. In this down time, I’d lost my lucidity. Suddenly most of the lights around us blew out. There was a huge commotion in the crowd, and it was obvious that something sinister was going on. This guy, that I’d just killed, had come back as a demon, or spirit, or whatever you want to call it. Even with a little bit of light left, I could only see him as a shadow, like the light never touched him. He started throwing these flaming darts of some kind at me, occasionally stabbing me with them as I tried to scramble away from this vengeful specter. He flew at me from behind and grabbed me by my head, pulling it back. With his other hand, he reaches his fingers down to my eye socket, and tried to dig in. I happened to wake up just as he was attempting to pry my eyeballs out of my face.