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      1/12/07 ~ Through Hell and Back!

      This was the most awesome dream that I have had in ages! It starts with me being in a weird compound in a desert, sort of like Las Vegas desert. I'm on the run from a witch and her army of demons and cyborgs. I sneak into the compound which on the inside is a small town square. I get a job in a bar while in the compound and get on well with the locals. While making a drink I see a shadow fly past the window. I know it's the witch, I sneak out the back of the bar and crouch-walk down a corridor. I peer around a corner and see a weird cyborg thing. One of my colleagues from inside bar is with me, she is scared and trusts to me save her. We go around the corner and get spotted by the cyborg, it starts to shoot at us. I grab the girl by the hand and we run and jump though a hole in the wall.

      We get into the desert still being chased, I get to a rocky mountain part where I meet up with 2 men that apparently are soldiers. They have a crate of guns and ammo. I grab a automatic pistol and turn around and shoot the cyborg, the other 2 men start to shoot it as well. The cyborg dies however the girl I was with has disappeared. I look all around the area for her and can't see her.

      I tell the men that I have to go find her, they say they will help. I grab 2 belt like things that can hold a gun and magasines of ammo. I grab 2 magasines and clip them on the belt and grab 2 automatic pistols and clip them on too. I then pick up a shotgun and load it.

      We then mak our way into the compound. It feels very much like doom. We go down some dark stairs and shoot a cyborg demon thing. As we go down the stairs, it looks less like a compound with cement walls ect but more like hell. It has turned into a cave, we go down into a circular area where there a circles in lava. These circles have different things on them, the closest has dead spartan warriors, another one has zombies and the third has what looks like men dressed up smart in mafia styles. I look at the 2 soldiers and now one looks like my older brother, the second looks like Ross from friends and now there is a third. I don't remember what he looks like. My brother tells me that there are 2 more levels to hell, there's a city stage and a bridge stage. Once we get past the bridge stage we will be free.

      We go towards the lava and throw grenades at the circles with monsters on, the grenages explode and makes the monsters set on fire. We then rush into the lava (not getting burnt) and shoot at things. Something grabs my leg and pulls me under the lava. It's a female zombie. I shoot her and then somehow get back to the entrance of the room. I'm lying down and the zombie is on top of me, she turns into the girl I tried to save earlier. I tell her that once I get out of here I will take her with me.

      I then make a run through the lava and get to the other stage. I shoot at the other monsters so that the other soldiers can get through. We then get teleported to a city with a massive bridge next to it. We all know we must get to the bridge. One of the men, that looks like Ross, manages to fly over there and makes it. The other 2 and I run through the city, apparently there is a massive mob chasing after us. I make it past the bridge. Ross flies back to the city to help the other men, he ends up going down into the an underground, and starts screaming. I can't see what is happening, I only hear it. The soldier that looks like my brother and the other guy gets to the bridge. Ross then makes it out of the underground and flies back to us. The mob starts catching up to us, however as we got to the bridge we managed to open a door out of hell. I see the girl and take her with me.

      We then get out of hell, something happens but I end up waking up.
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      he he I always thought that was such a incredible dream!

      So much action and cool stuff involved especially the cyborg demon
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      Quote Originally Posted by NeAvO View Post
      the closest has dead spartan warriors,

      I knew dining in hell was a bad idea in the first place...


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