"The Schoolyard"

I showed up to school high (yes “school high” not “high school”), and I was sitting in the back, trying to keep a low profile. I didn’t actually want to be high, and I could tell I probably looked it. I went to the closet in the back of the class (which was actually my old room closet in what is not Cierra’s room) and started rummaging around for something to speed me up, like an energy pill. I found one of those “brain stimulants” that are supposed to make your mind more sharp or whatever, and popped one of those in, then went back to my seat and tried to stay under the radar. We all had computers at our desks, and someone sent me a message that showed a video surveillance feed that was watching my desk from behind. The obviously didn’t want me to know who it was, though. After class, I stayed behind, looking for the camera. When I found it, I followed the wiring all the way around to an empty desk. I didn’t know who was sitting there, during class, so I decided to snoop around on the computer they were using, checking the Net history. I found a forum called “Jackson Forums” and, seeing this, I remembered exactly who was sitting in the seat – DV Member Universal Mind. He was trying to show me he had some sort of proof of my deviant behavior, and was going to hold it over my head for blackmail of some sort.

Going through the hallways, I grabbed a tape recorder out of my locker, just in case I saw him again. I ended up going to the restroom, and he walked in not long behind me. We were the only ones in there and, while I was in the stall, he started talking; spouting off about how he had dirt on me and unless I did something, like drop out of class or something like that, he’d give it to our teacher. He didn’t know that I was recording his confession, the whole time he was talking. I put the recorder away and figured I’d just wait for the right time, to exact my revenge. Later, there was a massive buffet in the cafeteria. I don’t remember much about this part, but I grabbed so much food that I literally had shit falling off my plate. Lol.

The dream skipped ahead, and I was in a college dorm. Todd was there. We kept playing pranks on each other, all night, and were having a ball at it. Finally, out of nowhere, while playing our jokes on each other, I realized I was dreaming. Just to prove to myself that I was, I focused on Todd and levitated him with my mind, and had a good laugh about it. Then, continuing the game, he stole my camera. (It wasn’t even a camera that I actually have.) I forgot how he did it, but it revealed that he had powers too, just like I did in my dream. Instead of actually going to look for it, though, I set the intention that it would be sitting right behind me and, when I turned around, there it was.

Another fast forward - and we were all in the auditorium, watching some kind of show, though I don’t remember anything about it. We got word that someone was going on, outside, so a very large group of us went out there. The gate surrounding the huge college-thing was huge and heavy, with 3 large slabs of metal as the gate. Since I was still lucid, I grabbed the slabs, telekinetically, and moved them off to the side. We continued through, to the courtyard. There was another group of people out there, lead by some villain. They all had powers and, by now, I’d learned that only some people in my group had them. I was obviously the only person that had no idea what was going on, because they started shouting at each other like they were rival gangs. Thing heated up and, before I knew it, all of my “friends” and the other group were running toward each other. A massive brawl was about to start, and I was pretty sure that my side, as a whole, were at a disadvantage. I ran to the front, right corner of my group and turned, looking at the space between the two converging masses. Focusing, I imagined a wall of telekinetic energy sliding out between the two factions. I could tell that things were going to get bad, and I wanted to do what I could to stop it before it got out of hand. Everyone stopped, suddenly, the invisible wall having taken effect. The main villain swooped down and began to attack me, and so I had to drop the wall to fight him. I don’t remember much of the fight, though.

Sometime during it, I had lost my lucidity. People were retreating back into the college-ish building, which had that old-time architecture (kinda like this), and I began to follow. When I got back inside, I was split from my group, and I asked the lady at the front desk where they’d gone. She pointed me in one direction and I started going down this maze of hallways that began to twist and distort, surreally. I looked into one room, from the hall, and could see a burning fireplace with human heads, on skewers, roasting inside of it…which was weird. Continuing on, I came to a door that was too small to get into. Then, it opened from the other side, and I could see that it was a panel that was down under someone’s seat, in the auditorium, and I couldn’t continue that way. I turned and found another room, which was dark. For no reason at all, I realized I was dreaming again. I tried to flip the light switch with my mind. It inched slowly and reluctantly over, and flipped to the opposite position, but no lights came on. I then tried to blink my eyes and make the lights just be on when I opened them, but I ended up opening my real eyes, and waking up.