I have two dreams for you lovely people to interpret(if you can). Here is the first, and most recent.

All I can remember from this dream is seeing the news come on, and they showed this video. While the video was going, the reporters said this group of people somewhere in the world(that I can't remember) held a legal execution. He was strangled and had his arm cut off, and they said something about the boy/young man bleeding into his lungs. They also said this group of people usually called the person's parents before they killed said person. I got the impression that the killers had known the boy/young man. They also interviewed a boy that had been in the house(I think he lived there) and talked excitedly about what happened, smiling. The video itself started with the boy hanging from the front porch of the house of the murderers, feet dangling just off it. Then his arm was cut off, and blood gushed out everywhere. It happened fast, and I don't remember what the arm was cut off with. The worst part was the look on his face, the entire time, and they zoomed in on it. He was smiling a sadistic smile, like he enjoyed it. And no one else watching or even the reporters seemed to notice the very obvious smile. It filled me with fear, and I just stared at me wondering what type of person could enjoy that.

Second dream. Ready?

A recurring thing in my dreams would be something starting to close my bedroom door with me in there. Usually, I manage to get out in time, but I feel the panic, anxiety, fear...and I scream. In this particular dream, that started to happen. It took place over several days. I would wake up in my bed(in the dream) and would see a shadow moving outside my bedroom window(note, my bedroom is on the second floor. My house in my dreams is always the same as my real life house which I live in with my parents). When I see the shadows outside, whether day or not, my bedroom door starts to close, and I hear something whispering. I try to tell my mother, but she ignores me, saying its just a dream. My friends come over, and when they are with me in the room, it doesn't happen, but as soon as they leave, it does. As it progresses, the shadow comes into my room, and I see it dart across the floor. I always run out screaming for my mother, fighting with the door before I can leave, but everytime she comes in, there is nothing there. Then one time she comes in, and I see my cat has run out of the room. But there is my cat in my room. I know that isnít my cat, even if it looks just like mine. I just know. And when I know this after like, two seconds, the eyes turn red. My mother and I both realize itís a demon hiding in the form of a clone of my cat. We chase it down, get it in a cage, and call one of my friends whose a Wiccan, but she doesnít answer her phone. The demon cat is clawing and spitting at the cage, staying in that form. Itís so violent that Iím scared. My mother and I agree that we have to kill it because itís evil. But she decides not to do it because itís in the form of a cat, and we are cat lovers. When my dad comes home, he says that heíll kill it, but he never does. And then I wake up, wondering why they wouldnít kill the demon that wouldnít to kill me.

Any insight any of you can give me? Also, I have never seen the young man from my dream in my life. Only the one female reporter on the news.

The second dream is the one that really and truly got to me. I remember most of the first one, but the second one... something about it has just stuck with me. But both dreams make me worried and leave me feeling paranoid. It's just a dream, but I can't help but wonder if there's something more behind it. Thanks for any help you can give.