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      My pregnant friend's dream

      My friend is pregnant, and I know that pregnant women have pretty vivid dreams, but this one really stuck with her. She dreamed that she found a hallway she'd never seen before in her house. When she went down the hallway, she found a room with a little boy about six or seven years old and a man in a jester's costume. The man said he had been her fiance in a past life, and the boy was her son, Nicholas. Then she was shown how the boy had died. He had been teasing little girls by throwing their dolls in a wood chipper, and somehow he fell in. After showing how the boy died, the man and the boy explained that they needed her help to put their spirits into different bodies. She had to read a spell and do some ritual and then they left, and the house was back to normal. After that, she woke up. It's been bothering her for a while now. Any idea what this dream means?

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      It is hard, for me anyway, to work with information that isn't written directly by the dreamer. Maybe someone who offers symbolic interpretation can offer something here?

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