I am 19 my partner is 26.

We are in a long distance relationship and have not yet met in person, he lives in the USA I live in the UK, we have been speaking for about 9 months. Our "relationship" is more like a conflict, we argue on a daily basis about really stupid things that turn into a massive argument, we end up falling out then speaking again the next day. We stay in touch by regular web cam calls and sending gifts ( I do all the talking and sending as he cant be bothered)

He believes in Runes as a religion where as I don't follow any religion (though I am not an Anti-Christ)

However, I am part Jewish, 4 generations back on my mums side, were Jewish.

My partner doesn't like Jews or Christians.

Last night I had this dream very different from any other I have had before about him, usually I'd dream about things I wish we would do together e.g walk in the park and go in town together etc...

Now this dream was very specific about what it was showing me, problem is I am not sure of the meaning.

I dreamt that I was with him, yet I felt distant and I could not see his face, I looked at his arm which appeared larger than usual, and saw numerous tattoos that he had recently had done, they was all in the same place all on his right upper arm. It was also a dim lit room.
The 2 that stood out the most was of an upside down crucifix with a skull at the base and a heart with a banner going through it though I could not read what the banner said on it.

That is pretty much it as far as the dream goes.

*In walking life he has a rune on his lower left arm and one in the same place on his right also one on his chest.

Can anyone tell me what this dream is trying to tell me/indicate?