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      Question Dream Analysis

      Hi all,

      I'm new to the forums and have a dream I need analysis of. I apologize in advance for the length of the post, but I am nothing if not thorough.


      I am a female in my late twenties. For the past two weeks, I have been having serious trouble sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night, waking up much earlier than usual, I can't ever go back to sleep once I wake up no matter what I do, and I've been waking up in sweats a lot, and it takes a LOT for me to sweat.

      I currently live in Houston; I moved here 2.5 years ago to be with my boyfriend after we tried the long distance thing for almost a year. He had the more lucrative, better paying job, hence why I was the one to move. I got and still have my own apartment, as we both agreed not to rush things. We met while attending college at Texas A&M and have been together 5 years now, and we both have never been with another in any way.

      Lately, I have been having difficulty as the job I took in October cut my hours due to financial issues (even though I was supposed to have a weekly hour guarantee) and in a way betrayed me, and I have a lot of hurt feelings over that. [It's family owned and I had become friends with the other five employees.] I had been working two jobs since December and had just gotten my finances situated to where my boyfriend didn't have to help me at the end of the month when they cut my hours. Prior to that, I had been struggling working several part-time jobs for the two years since I'd been laid off.


      So I had my iPhone stolen for the second time this past December, and had been waiting all this time to replace it. My AT&T account said I was eligible for early renewal on March 3rd. We couldn't go that day, but on the 4th, we went to Best Buy to get my phone. After they pulled up my account, the guy who had a severe attitude to start said that I was *only* eligible for early renewal and that I would have to pay $399 for the phone (not $199 like I'd thought). While to others this may seem silly and inconsequential, the phone was representative to me of one thing I would be able to do and have (accomplish) according to my plan for the year. I had a horrible year last year, and I set out with a series of goals for the year to get myself back on track. Thus far, due to it taking me much longer to get into a full-time position than I'd expected, everything else keeps getting pushed back. I had been planning for the day I could replace the phone for 3 months, thinking it was the one thing that I could do/get. Furthermore, I had also been planning on a significant income tax refund that I was going to use to pay my boyfriend back for the computer he got me when mine crapped out, put money back into my savings, and have some for the phone and a down payment on a car that I am probably going to have to get in the next six months. So when I found out my refund went from the approximated $900 to $45, that was already a serious kick to the gut. Anyway, so when he said $399 and I looked at my boyfriend, he was like 'no'.

      Now while I am a reasonable person, this coming from the guy who sees me bust my butt at two jobs, go between two places, and take care of 9 rescued animals on a daily basis and see little payoff, who sees me work 50 hours a week and still not be able to buy so much as a pair of blue jeans for myself, and the guy who currently has four credit cards and owns two big screen LCD TVs, three computers, an iPad (free from his job), an iPhone 4, and an iPhone 3G (I got him into Apple products in the first place!), a 2007 Infiniti as well as his old sports car, and owns his own townhome. Seriously, he just got a new 52" Samsung LED TV two months ago when he already had a 42" Samsung LCD TV that he had just recently paid off, and he's preaching to me about not *needing* an iPhone!!! I'm the one who's loved Macs since 1993, I'm the one who has a MacBook that has all the programs that the phone will sync to perfectly, and I'm the one who has had their phone stolen twice who has had to not have a phone at all for 5 months. And unlike most girls, I love technology and appreciate what I am able to get, and take pride in taking care of my possessions and keeping them as long as possible. I am not the one who wants to replace things every year; I get what I like and want to keep it as long as it will work. So anyway, we walked out of Best Buy, me in tears, with him preaching about how he doesn't have the money and how I don't need it. The following dream occurred that night.

      THE DREAM:

      As best I can remember, I was staying in an unknown building that seemed more like a high-rise apartment building in a large city (although I live in Houston, I like in a normal apartment in a safe area in suburban Houston on the outskirts--nowhere near downtown). I was in an unknown room that was decorated with a clean modern feel. I know I was there with two of my close friends who were staying in another room. I was in the apartment with an unknown man who looked to be of Hispanic origin. He was tall, had dark hair, and was quite the looker, as if a model or actor (not my type). I don't really remember a conversation, although I know he said something to me and I went closer. When he went to kiss me on the lips, I remember noticing he had this dark cerulean blue-colored facial hair. We kissed briefly even though I didn't really want to (as if I had no control) and I immediately felt guilty. I suddenly realized that it was just after 7am and that I had to move my car to a different parking lot (as if I could only park there until that time or I would be towed), and told him I would be right back. I remember he was worried that my boyfriend would get there before I got back, but I told him not to worry and ran out. I got into a transparent aluminum and glass elevator and saw my two friends on the way down. I also remember seeing David (my boyfriend) on the way, but can't remember much beyond that. I woke up then.

      I of course have my own ideas, as I am pretty introspective and open, and do know quite a bit about psychology, however I am interested in other people's thoughts and views.

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      Hi MysticHalo

      I have my suspicions, Not sure whether in the dream you felt that the apartment belonged to you or if you were visiting. Anyway, assuming it all belongs to the model or actor (both professions are notorious for those at the top being mega rich) then your dream may be telling you that you're not a gold digger, you like and love people for who they are and even if you do get annoyed by your boyfriend, you still love him for who he is and not because of any monetary help he can give. This interpretation also works if the apartment belonged to you, but here you would be saying even if I were rich I would still be faithful to my boyfriend and friend no matter what the temptation.

      Be interested to know how close I came to your interpretation.

      All the best


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