This dream was so weird and my feeling was so strong that I had to write this... Please tell me what you think.

30 minutes ego I woke up from a dream that made me feel weird ever since I woke up... Like I was almost mad at the world for that dream not being real...

The dream: I am walking with my friend we are talking about petty things like we always do, until I meet this girl. At first i was like ''yeah yeah here is another dumb hot chick'' she followed me and we went on to hang out at a friend's place. The place was like a store. she was the sweatess thing ever. after awile my dream skips everyone is gone and I am asleep, now I wake up(still in the dream) and nobody is there. more exactly she isn't, witch bothered me. so i exited the store and I was searching for her, up until a bus pulls up. Magiclally its her. when I asked her where she wen she anwsers '' I wanted to leave but didn't have alot of mony, come lets have fun'' she says smiling like there wasn't a care in the world. instantly I felt so happy of seeing her again, it was crazy, I hugged her. Its like I didn't want to let go.

Afterword: the dream goes on after that, but I am not good remembering dreams and its like I can't fully remember. What I know is I felt kinda sad when I woke up so sad that I didn't want to forget the entire dream so I wrote this... What can you guys tell from this?