1st dream:
I had this dream I was in a Nancy drew computer game-that doesn't exist-as Nancy Drew. I was in a big old-fashion kitchen in a house in I think Californa and though a door to a study I was talking to someone and the words "Don't go up to Silcone Valley" and I asked "Why? Don't tell me the other criminals are there?" then the woment laughed evily (she laughed so evily that my real's self ears were rininng with the laugh) . Then I was wobbly roller-skaing as Nancy w/ George and Bess behind me and they told me to be carefully-since they could see something I couldn't...a boulder that was moving NOT of its own free will. The boulder somehow missed me but I ended up knocking into a tree. I was alright. But then I went into the cliff but this time I had to put a werid shape rock (tringale) into a slot in the cliff and the inside of the cliff looked like my elementary school that-no-longer-exists' gym and it was getting ready for a banquet or something and me still with roller skates on I was skating accross it in the kind of Home Alone way.. trying to crash into anyone. But one of the people who I saw was my church's parish nurse.

second dream:
I was in a bunk of an old-fashion ship that was moving. I had a lamp similar to Aladdin's lamp and I was either the owner or protecting it. My right arm for some reason was bleeding (something to do with the lamp. I think the unseen villain's henchmen cut some skin off before the dream started). I know I was trying to hide or something from the unseen villain who was also aboard the ship.

3rd dream:
I had this dream last night I was a very young girl. I was sent to a boarding school. The boarding school from the inside looked like a castle because it was made of stone (and it was a co-ed boarding school). The first thing that happened was I met the headmaster of it. He told me a bunch of the school's rules but this was the one that got me---No vitams allowed. I then left the room. Somehow the bookcase behind the desk killed the headmaster by moving. I was at supper next. When eating supper the ghost of the headmaster appear (no the school wasn't Hogwarts) and everyone could see the ghost. Then we were all suppose to go downstairs (we were upstairs to eat?) to watch something and me and some new friends (one was a boy a couple of years older who looked a bit like The Secret Garden's Dickens) and he and one other kid help me take my vitams in secret. But to toss my water (from my cup) out the window "Dickens" hold me up to the window.