I left my job in the beginning of the week and started in a new place - nicer, bigger opportunities and so on.
I've had a great year and almost never was in any kind of conflict with my boss. Now my ex boss. He's in his late 40, attractive, powerful and popular, and quite strict. I was never really close to him outside work but he was nice to me.

Now the dream:
It was a dark evening in the fall, I was alone at work, then I went outside and he was there. He started talking to me, and then talking became more intimate. He kissed me in an overwhelmingly passionate way which totally made me weak in the knees and I gave in. Then I do remember I dreamt a room somewhere at work and there probably was a sexual intercourse, too, but that was pretty dizzy in the dream.

What could all of this mean? It was very strong and very moving because I was thinking about it the whole morning after I woke up.