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      What do you think this dream meant?

      First of all i want to say that i have been having a lot of Lucid dreams and Astral projections lately. I have been meditating and listening to binaural beats, i get scared during AP and end up waking up but i'm getting there.

      The dream was about my mother, she passed away 11 years ago. In the dream i heard her in my father's room coughing, i ran to her and she told me she was thirsty so we rushed to the fridge and gave her water. i can't remember the rest of the dream but i think she was wearing a similar dress to the one in the funeral. do you guys think thirst represents something in vivid dreams?

      Does anyone here know about spiritual awakening? i feel like i'm getting close to having one with all these strange vibrations, dreams and OBE i've been having lately! so if you know anything i'd love to get some information on this....

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      Spiritual awakening defined to what?
      If you mean as in connected to everything we are at birth
      If you mean realization of the everything, we are when we lucid dream
      If you mean religiously dont be a fool
      If you mean philosophically speaking as in the quabala, don't bother wasting the time, you will most likely fail the greatest have
      If you mean physically changing, not possible
      If you mean mentally changing, it happens all the time, its not an awakening it's learning.
      If you have another definition for spiritual that is not here enlighten me
      Also if you mean enlightenment, see philosophically.

      As for your dream, perhaps you should dream again, and ask your mom.

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