It started as me and a friend/work mate were sorting out our work van and as we were doing this another one of my friends were there, which is a girl whom I do have feelings for all tho nothing has happend in real life, but in the dream she was making out with someone else and I was talking to my work mate how I was annoyed and turned around and looked at them and the bloke shouted at me saying something like "have you got a problem" I instantly shouted back and threw what I had to hand a fizzy drink bottle and suddenly my friend (girl) dropped to the floor so i run over and see what's wrong, I believed it was something like she had a nut allergy which she doesn't in real life, so I pick her up and carry her to the hospital which is close and get her into a room and somehow find a eppi pen (solution for nut allergy) which I give to the doctor and I leave the room worried because she wasnt right, I was very upset sitting outside as people were leaving the room I went outside to smoke then got pulled back into the hospital into a different big room and at the otherside my friend was holding a new born baby and her family and my family were standing round, I crouched down with my hand over my mouth for a while while they kept looking over as my brother in law came to say come outside for a minute I got up and walked over and hugged my friend and met her mum and grandmother and seemed to force myself awake , just wanted some opinions about this lol just because it was so vivid!

Thanks a lot for any replys