I had one of the most depressing dreams last night. At one point the dream became lucid, but that was because it was a dream inside of a dream. It all starts off like so:

I was doing my typical everyday thing in the dream. Doing my computer stuff, getting work done at school, and all of that good stuff. Then, afterwards, I went to Fred Meyers, bumped into one of my friends (this is a friend that I have not spoken to in a while in reality). We chat it up for a little while, and everything was going great. Until I turned to leave. She collapsed on the floor and felt deathly ill. I turned to help her, and eventually paramedics arrived. She was rushed to a hospital (which happened to be right next to the store) and then was treated. In the end, the doctors told her that she had until 3:15 p.m. the next day to live. I am at home when I receive this news. I jump in our vehicle (either I drove or it drove itself, I cannot remember) and start heading for her location. This is when the dream inside the dream begins.

I arrive at where she is supposed to be (she said she would be at Fred Meyers), and am a little bit confused to see that all of the lights have been dimmed. I walk towards the store, and one of the associates tells me that the front door is locked, I'll have to take the side door. I ask where that is, and a kid emerges from wear the side door is supposed to be. I follow him. We get in this elevator which is supposed to take me to where I need to be. We reach the destination floor, and the doors open. It is very dark outside of the elevator, and this is when I realize that I am dreaming, and this is a nightmare. I turn towards the kid, and tell him to go first. When he refuses, I knew for sure that I was right, so I grabbed the kid and threw him into the dark hall, where the evil is now trying to subdue me. I turn around and bash my way out of the side of the elevator (glass). As I fall to my presumed death, I look up to see the kid watch as I fall, smirking. This made me angry, so I thrust my fists into the glass elevator sides (still falling) and make the elevator collapse. From doing this, I slow my fall and survive. Once my feet hit the ground, I awakened from that dream inside of my dream.

It is now day, and I am running towards where my friend is supposed to be. It is now 2:00 p.m., leaving her with very little time left. I get to her and tell her that I had to fight a nightmare to get here. She laughs, and shows me this list of things she wants to do before she dies. I spend time with her and her other friends that came to this, and eventually the doctors came and told us that it was time. Tearing up, I bid her farewell and went home. I was very sad from this.

I am now sitting at home, alone. I then receive a message from her saying that people can still come visit her, in the hospital this time, for it will take at least a week for the drug to put her into the eternal sleep. This gave me a momentary heart-lift. I could spend time with my friend for a little longer! I rush to get in our vehicle in order to be by her side again, but this time, I am unable to leave. I keep on trying to leave, but I am unable to even get the vehicle started. Being very upset and enraged, I run out of the house, unable to do anything.

The dream changes.

I am now on some sort of adventure with a group of friends. I have a spirit inside of me that has apparently been a part of me for some time. A long adventure ensues, and I cannot remember all of the details. I can tell you that we fought some giant mutant... Things... but everything else is a little hazy. In the end, we complete our journey, and the spirit inside of me must depart. We have now split into two separate beings; myself, and Atem (Atem is the protagonist in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime series, who shared a body with Yugi until they split. If you have seen the show, I am like Yugi in this case). Atem tells me that it is time for him to return to his world, that he does not belong here. I tell him that I understand, but I don't want to see him leave. In a final heartfelt hug, he begins to walk away. I yell out to him, asking him if, because magic in his era was stronger than the magic of today, if we could possibly communicate in some way. He looks back, smiles, then continues walking off. The door he entered through has now closed, and me and my fellow adventurers are very sad. I assume that his smile meant that we would meet in the future, but I was not sure. My other friends then began to break off, and as I tried to follow one of them, they tell me to back off. I am now abandoned, sad at the loss of not only Atem, but all my other friends. I am now alone in the world.

I wake up.

Now, here I am. Writing this forum, and asking what is wrong with me. In reality, it is very hard for me to make friends, and most of my friends don't take them time to come chat with me. I have to go to them. They usually only chat with me if they need help. I help them, but then it is like I do not exist. I am also very unlucky. No matter what I do, the worst outcome always happens to me. If my reality is a connection to my dream, I would love to know. I am not sure where to go now. So... Uncertain.