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      A very short, suicidal dream that brought me peace? Help?

      After school today I took a nap and had the most intense, detailed dream...

      Basically, the whole dream took place in my school. The entire time I was searching for my best friend just to be with her. I was really stressing out about this. She's the only person who makes me happy. However, every time I saw her in the hallways in my dream, she was with this boy she kinda likes... and I could never just find her by herself. Sometimes I lost her though.

      When I lost her, I always wanted to cut through the courtyard to get to the other side of the building quicker. But outside in the courtyard it was lightning, and I knew that if I walked out there I would die instantly... so I just kept taking the long way I guess.

      At one point in my dream, I saw her out in the courtyard by herself, and there was no lightning or anything. It was safe for me to go out.. so I did. As soon as I got to her though, she turned towards me and disappeared.

      The very end of the dream I was with her and we were eating, but something felt off. We eat lunch together everyday but it felt weird. Then in seconds she died of the same disease my mom is currently dying from.

      I woke up after I took my shoes off in my dream, and walked outside into the courtyard, into the lightning, and died.

      When I woke up I felt so peaceful, I was almost sad that I was still alive. What's this dream mean?! I'm 18.

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      Don't worry, it could just be your mind bringing up some issues that are on your mind. Your friend dying from the same disease as your mother (which I honestly hope works out for you) could just be your subconcious' fear of loved ones leaving. Also, the issue with not being able to reach your friend might be you feeling as if you two are growing seperate and you are loosing communication.
      I wouldn't think anything of the dream death, if you aren't suicidal yourself, I would just write that off as your "dream logic" taking place.

      Also keep in mind that not all dreams have a mysterious meaning. As I kind of said before, it's just your mind expressing its concern about these topics of your life.

      Good luck with everything.

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      If your mom is dying in rel life then it's probably your mind trying to find ways to deal with the impending loss. Dreaming of your friend dying (and disappearing, which your mom will be from your life) and then yourself dying is most likely one way your mind is using to try to process the terrible feelings you're experiencing, some of which you might not even be aware of. I'd say your mind s casting about trying to find a frame of reference to deal with your mother's death.
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      Real World Problems + Dream Logic = Stuff like this. Things get muddled, being cooped up in your brain all this time. OwO is pretty much right, the mind is expressing itself.

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