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      Question Elevators...

      So like, I wanted to have a place to ask this and get people's thoughts, because I can't really seem to pin down the meaning of this relentless occurrence in my dreams, and it's really bothering me:


      I'm ALWAYS dreaming about elevators! Last night, I even had a dream within a dream where I dreamed about elevators, woke up in my dream, then woke up again this morning. lol

      And always, the elevators bring about a sense of discomfort, as though something could happen. I can recall four, important dreams where the elevator was doing something strange in my dream.

      All of these dreams have happened while I've been in college. I'm a full-time student, and I do sometimes experience some pressure with having 3-4 classes a quarter. In general, I tend to get anxious about my classes, wanting to succeed. I'm 24 and female.

      1. Last night's dream, the dream within a dream (sounds so Inception-y, right?). I was running in this building, jumping obstacle and such, and had to take this elevator up to the next floor. It was dark in the building and elevator, which didn't bother me, but it made it so I didn't realize at first that the elevator shaft and the elevator itself was made of glass. My desired floor came up, but the elevator kept going, and I started to become scared. I started to see some light and noticed everything was made of glass.

      I looked up at the ceiling and saw that I was coming to the end of the shaft, but there was nothing else beyond that. The elevator just kept going, and then fell out of the shaft with me in it! It fell and shattered, and I woke up. Of course, from there my dream went on. I found myself in sort of a hotel (I'm not sure exactly), and I was with my father. I guess he and I were staying there for something, like a convention or whatever. There were bunk beds in the room, and after we got dressed, we left. It ended right about there.

      2. In this dream, I was in an elevator with other people, and we noticed that the elevator was very old. It was starting to crack and chip apart and the floor was giving out. We actually couldn't get to the next floor completely and had to pull ourselves up. Not to mention the elevator was small—it could only fit four people comfortably. I was sort of scared, but again, it made me feel more disturbed than anything.

      Before the elevator part, I was actually running from the police and someone else I knew. Some guy; I think he was meant to be my boyfriend or husband? I was at this beach resort area with lots of hotels and shops. The sun was past high noon, just starting to falls, and I was running to this hotel, climbing along walls near the beach to get to it. I think in one part of the dream, I thought I was Angelina Jolie. lol So yeah.

      3. This one was by far the most disturbing for me, and most frightening. I was in a corporate building and was just exploring. The building was HUGE; there were offices everywhere, and big windows that towered on every floor. It felt like it was early evening while I was going up and down between floors on an elevator. Then I ran into this little elevator, a different one than the first. It just took me down without me pressing any buttons, and it took me into the ground. I could actually see dirt and dust coming through the elevator. When the doors opened, I walked into this cramped, tiny hall. There were cabinets and small shelves, even metal carts piled up with paperwork, books, and files against the walls. There was a normal light on the ceiling, but looking further down the hall on each side, it went completely pitch black.

      What scared me about this was not only did I realize I was completely alone, but that it was also completely silent. There was no sound except for my breathing. But while there were no people on this floor, I felt like if I stayed there any longer, something ELSE would come around. Something evil, monstrous, violent. So I went back on the elevator and rode it back up.

      4. Most of the time, my dreams are very confusing and erratic. In my dream, I was indoors and then suddenly materialized outdoors with a group of people. It was like I was expecting it to happen and it was normal. We were standing in front of this humongous statue of a human figure, and it had these strange elevators on it. You just had to hold on and they would take you up. And even though I was scared (I'm a bit afraid of heights in real life), I took one of the elevators with another woman (a pregnant woman, strangely) up the statue. It was pretty terrifying; we were holding on for our lives, but we made it to the top. At the top, there was some kind of high-end, cocktail party, but there was just an open terrace. The floor was made of glass and I found myself hanging over it, looking down and holding on tight. I was so scared of being high up that I couldn't focus on what was going on.
      These are not the only times I've had elevators in my dreams. I can't even count how many times, really, there have been so many, and so many different kinds of elevators, too! These are just the ones that have impacted me the most because they had such significant parts in those dreams. They've stood out beyond anything else, and I can't forget them.

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