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      house/shadow man dreams

      Hiya! Recently, as in past few years, I've had many dreams of houses with many rooms, but there is always the same hidden room in the back of the house. Sometimes the house is a large manor home, sometimes a smaller cottage. Once the house was a large but semi over-grown/rundown home of a relative and I was to inherit the house. I went exploring through all the rooms and was excited at grandeur. In the dream I had a formal sit down with realtives. I know the outside of the house was white, and the inside decor was dated but beautiful. I unfortunately don't remember the specifics of viewing the other rooms, only that I did.

      In the cottage dream I was excited about leasing this very rustic wooden house. In the back of the house I discovered a hidden family room that resembled a cave with limestone walls, but was excited that it had electricty and that no one knew about it but me. In the wall, however in a sortof alley created by a space I peered in and could see a shadow man at the other end, he was back-lit as if standing in front of street light. He did not move or speak but I was very afraid of him. I've seen him in 2 other dreams that I can recall, once while looking through a vent cover in the wall of a house, and once by opening a metal door and walking part-way through a mechanical room of some sort. In this instance I was almost taunting him by bringing a group of friends to look at him. Once I did see him, the fear was all encompassing and we retreated.

      I know I'm rambling on, but the dreams started after the death of my mother. It started with this dream:
      I lived in a house that was accessed by many steps on the outside of a pyramid structure. When you got the top of the steps you only had to climb over a small wall and the house was on top of the pyramid, as if it created a platform, and was open to the outside. The odd thing about this house was that all the furniture and items in the rooms were also painted in position on the walls. There was a fishtank, and when moved it looked as if it were still there! I remember being specifically amazed by a stool against the wall. It was an older piece of furniture dark wood, red seat, with scrolling woodwork on the legs. The only other thing i remeber from this dream is running down the pyramid steps onto a dry desert like land, and it was hailing.

      This dream and my mother's passing was almost 3 years ago. I've had so many dreams of houses... and this shadow man is always there. I've recently had a baby, so I'm not getting much sleep to dream anymore.

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      Well, I'm not much of a dream interpreter, but I believe, that house and rooms in it represents our minds. Walking through the rooms is self-exploration.The shadow figure could be a secret you are not privy to. Hopes this helps a little.

      If this was a lucid dream, you could ask the figure what does it represent. Happy dreams

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      Welcome to DreamViews nikkig!

      I'm not much of a dream interpreter either, so I'll just send this baby over to the dream interpretation section. Hopefully there you'll find the answers you're looking for

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