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      Interpret my grandmas dream?

      a little background - my parents divorced when i was young but i keep in touch with my dad well enough to have a relationship with him. Not quite a fatherly one though. I live with my mom and grandma. I have a very good relationship with both my mom and grandma and would never choose my father over them. I'll be 18 in January and am currently a junior in highschool trying to sort out my life.

      the dream: my grandma dreamed that i was having a discussion with my father but then things started getting heated. My mom said "Let him make his own choices!", at which point i yelled, "I'm going with Dad!". Then my mom, as well as me, began to scream/cry. Later, I left with my father, leading my grandma to say that if i was leaving, she would leave too because there was no reason for her to stay.

      This dream scares the crap out of me because i can't imagine anything like this ever happening...In my culture, when people cry in dreams, it is said that they will actually be laughing in reality. As positive as that sounds, i'm skeptical about whether that makes sense for this particular dream.

      any thoughts? ;[

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      Hey Rosterx, welcome to DreamViews!

      I'm going to move your dream to the Dream Interpretation forum where someone may be able to give you a decent analysis of your dream.


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