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      hotel on fire

      I was in a hotel in England. Suddenly the fire alarm is sounded and we tourists are told to take our things and get out. I take automatically some things (I don't remember what) and get out, knowing that this is what should be done in such situations. I also noticed a slow burning flame outside the window, close to my room, on the roof. In the hall, on the ground floor, I notice several men standing and guarding (they are bodyguards or hotel staff). I also notice that tourists getting out tell them and show them that they have taken their plane tickets with them to which the men reply with ok. I realize I haven't taken my plane tickets and passport and I wonder quickly whether this won't mean trouble getting other ones, new ones and I tell one of the men what I haven't done. He tells me, with a typical English calm, that I will have trouble getting new ones and that I still have time to recuperate the papers and tickets in my room. The only thing to keep in mind is that I shouldn't take the elevator but use the stairs. I hurry upstairs. He seems he knows what he is talking about, so I go upstairs.
      There is no fear in this dream. Not from me, not from the other tourists and certainly not from the staff/bodyguards. Just a sense of time passing. (As I have a limited time left to recuperate my papers and tickets. And the burning is done slowly, but irreversibly. We are all aware that the hotel is burning (slowly) and nothing can be done about it.)

      I know that in Jung's interpretation fire means (psychological) transformation. The hotel burning slowly... the hotel could represent a space of transition. And me returning in the hotel slowly burning could mean me accepting or wishing for change, for transformation... At the same time, this transformation is recognized as natural (just like the passage of time itself).

      Any other opinions?
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