Okay so years ago now, I used to dream a lot about the grim reaper. It wouldnt matter what sort of dream it was (although they were often pretty sinister), they would always end with me spotting the grim reaper standing in a fairly subtle place (i.e. a rooftop that i would happen to glance up at) and then he would slowly move his head to look at me, and thats when i would jolt awake sweating.
Had I been more into dreaming at the time, I would have instantly tried to interpret it, but its been ages since ive seen my old pal Grim. Im no longer scared of the idea of him, and embrace it in a sort of weird way of keeping my fear at bay (hence the avatar).
I was just wondering for some general interpretations. Why was he always there?

Just an extra addition; I used to have a recurring dream focused around him too