So last night I got more sleep than I have in a while. 10 hours to be exact. I'm not a boxer nor have I ever been involved in a fight. I've also never had a GF, been kissed, had sex, or been with a girl. I'm 18 and I'm home from my first semester of college. I'll try to explain this as well as possible:

The first thing I remember is being in my home (although it wasn't my current home. I just knew in my dream that it was my home) and Andres Iniesta ( a famous soccer player) and a random muscular man named Alan were repeatedly telling me and my family how crazy and dangerous I was. Alan moved everyone into a room while I tried to get an explanation from Iniesta. I pleaded with him to explain, but he said he couldn't and told me there wasn't anything I can do about it anyway. Alan returned from the room with his GF (a tall brunette who was stunning. I remember how she resembled Selena Gomez) and proceeded to start beating me up. He raged about how bad a person I was and how crazy I am. The odd thing was I didn't fight back. He smashed me into walls and the roof repeatedly (breaking much of the ceiling), but it didn't hurt and I remember laughing while he did it. Iniesta, Alan, and his GF left me alone. I whispered something to Alan's GF as she left, but I don't remember what I said. I just remember her smiling back. My family was gone too when I checked their rooms. I went down to my room ( it didnt resemble my room, I just knew it was), got dressed, and headed to the boxing ring.

I fought and knocked out my opponent in front of thousands of people. The crowd went wild. It felt awesome and a feeling of accomplishment came over me. I looked to where my family was supposed to be sitting, but they weren't there. Stunned that they had missed my victory, I slumped out the tunnel and into the locker room. I made my way home through the rain alone.

I got home and my house now appeared abandoned. I slumped into my room and was shocked when Alan's GF was sitting in a chair in my room. I remember looking at her and couldn't describe her as anything less than perfection. She wore a small, red dress and her beautiful brown hair flowed down over her shoulders. She congratulated me on my KO, then told me how Alan had broken up with her at the fight. She started trying to seduce me, but that wasn't even necessary. We then made love, beautiful passionate love. I remember thinking how this was what I had always wanted and how perfect she was. We finished and she silently got up and walked up the stairs. I remained sitting on the floor watching her walk up the stairs and out of sight. The next thing I remember is waking up with a feeling of emptiness on the inside.