Hi, I had this dream last night and it's completely thrown me for a loop. A little back story is that I've been teaching in a foreign country for the past few months. I've been keeping myself busy doing a lot of things, like going on trips and hanging out with friends. School has been (mostly) good. Yesterday, I had a bad class that bothered me throughout the day. I also had a dream 2 nights ago that involved my younger brother and I being chased by zombies. Now for the dream. It was complicated, to say the least, so please bear with me.

It started off with me as Bran from Game of Thrones except I wasn't paralyzed. It was also set in the modern time. I was following a man to an underground dungeon and he kept preaching to me about a cult and I blocked it out by covering my ears. We finally get to the elevator and it starts to go down. It descends very rapidly and as it's descending, my dream changes.

Suddenly, I'm myself and I'm with 2 close friends from back home. We're descending for what feels like a long time and floors zoom past. The "elevator" is essentially a large wooden floor being lowered by a rope with no walls. As we quickly fall to the bottom, the floor tips and turns and I grab on so as to not fall off. On one of the floors, I see 2 other native English teachers having dinner at a table and one of them looks at me and says something. I haven't spoken to this person in months.

We finally get to the bottom and it's dark. We fell for what must have been hundreds and hundreds of floors. It's not a dungeon, anymore, but an underground, abandoned insane asylum. (If it helps, back at home, different friends and I used to explore creepy places like this for fun.) My friends and I decide to explore and walk around, when they're both attacked. I have no idea who the attackers are. I help out my smaller friend and punch the person grabbing onto her in the face, but lightly, because the attacker's a girl. Things suddenly calm down because we realize it's a misunderstanding and we're in a bright, white room. That's when I woke up.

I'm trying to figure out what all this means but I'm having a bit of trouble just because it all seems so random.